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Car Transport Provider

Short of driving a car you may not have had much experience with vehicle transportation before, and depending on what you need to be delivered the process can vary in difficulty. Whilst you can undertake a vehicle move yourself, it can be costly to hire a trailer and suitable towing transport, not to mention the need for goods in transit insurance and special licenses required to transport bigger loads.

For these reasons, it can be cheaper and easier to employ the services of a specialist vehicle transportation or car transport company. Moving something small like a scooter or quad bike only requires a small trailer or van; whereas transporting a tractor or large plant machinery takes a great deal more planning and a far more specialised service.

Which kind of vehicle delivery service you’ll require is essentially dictated by two things:

1. What type of vehicle are you moving?

2. Does the vehicle run?

Preparing vehicles ready to move

There are a few general guidelines to follow that will help avoid disputes and make the process as smooth as possible:

Details and documents: Make sure you have all the appropriate paperwork to hand, especially if distance-selling.

Clearing: Make sure you remove accessories and valuables from the vehicle as these likely won’t be insured. Also, secure or remove things that could potentially come loose during transit.

Running condition: Make notes of the vehicle’s performance prior to transit; this will allow you to spot any changes when the move is completed. Also, make sure fluid and fuel levels are adequate if the vehicle will be driven during the delivery process.

Cleaning and exterior: Cleaning your vehicle, be it car or caravan, will help avoid damage caused by dirt rubbing the paintwork. Also, it will allow you to more easily notice any scratches or scrapes that occur during the vehicle delivery.

Evidence: Photographs and an inventory before your vehicle is picked up are a great way to prove any damage was incurred during transport. (If you need specific information on moving different vehicles find them over to the right)

When you have a desired timeframe and destination for your delivery, you need to decide which type of transporter you will employ to get your auto from A to B.

Generally speaking, there are two ways to move vehicles

Get someone to drive it: Using trade plates is a common way to move vehicles; this method is especially popular for those purchasing vehicles online from car auctions.

Hiring a trade plate driver can be the cheapest option for vehicle transportation, however, there’s a slightly higher risk of damage.

If your vehicle isn’t roadworthy or road legal, then obviously this service is out of the question, the same goes for moving vehicle parts of course.

Trailer and transporter delivery: This mode of car transportation is more expensive than a driven service, but also allows you a greater degree of flexibility in what you can transport.

Individual flatbeds can haul all manner of vehicles, these are likely to be the most costly method of transport but may be the only option for certain machines.

Multiple vehicle trailers such as large car transporters can save on costs when compared to an individual trailer because your car delivery service benefits from a shared cost of transport.

Larger multi-level transporters can’t often can't offer a door to door service, however, so you may have to arrange a convenient place to pick your vehicle up from.

Obtaining Quotes

Transport companies will offer varying levels of service when it comes to moving your vehicle. When comparing firms ask as many questions as possible to ensure that you know what you’re getting and to gauge their level of expertise.

Finding and comparing the services and costs for a range of delivery services can take substantial legwork. Trawling the yellow pages or trade websites can be very time-consuming.

On Shiply you can find thousands of UK vehicle transport companies in one place. Instead of asking around numerous firms, you can list your requirement online with us and let transport providers compete for your custom.

If you list the details of your vehicle move on Shiply you’ll receive quotes from transporters who are able to complete the move within your specified timeframe. We also allow you to compare potential vehicle transporters based on the reviews they have received from other completed jobs, helping you choose the company you deem most suitable.

When you’re happy with the credentials and the quote from a transport company, you simply need to accept the quote and complete the move.

When your vehicle is delivered

Once your vehicle has reached its destination or you go to collect it, you (and potentially the car transporter) will need to check over its condition, then you will have to sign off the completion of the delivery.

Things to check when receiving your delivery

- Vital signs: Check to make sure that all important functions are as you left them: Lights, engine, brakes and any special functions unique to different vehicles. If you bought your vehicle online then check that everything is as it was described.

- Miles: Has the machine travelled the distance you expected? If it’s further, you might want to raise the issue with the transporter.

- Paint: Check for any damage, this is what the photos are useful for, comparing the pre and post transport condition.

- Inside: Unless it was driven then this should definitely be unchanged, though it can be worth a check.

When everything’s signed off and the car transportation has been completed please help us to improve our service by leaving feedback for the transport provider, this not only helps them but aids other future users in their search for a vehicle transporter.