Tips For Arranging Furniture Delivery

Transporting large furniture to and from your house, can be done quite simply and at a reasonable cost. If it’s just a chest of drawers or a few chairs, you can often find space for them in your own car. If you don’t drive or have to ship larger items, moving furniture yourself starts to become a lot more complicated. Trying to fit tables and wardrobes into the family hatchback is by no means an easy task; which is why sometimes it’s preferable to employ the services of a furniture delivery company or a local man and van.

There are lots of reasons you might be looking to book furniture transport, for example, taking things in and out of storage is one common reason. Buying furniture online is becoming more popular, especially buying second-hand furniture on eBay.

If you’re buying furniture online, whether it is through eBay or another service, you may find that the seller won’t arrange delivery for the customer and a lot of goods will be listed as collection only. If it is a small item such as a lamp, you can always send it via a parcel courier. Pick up only sales are especially common when it comes to larger items such as furniture that require more than a basic mail service. Driving to go and collect your new purchase can be a pain and also quite wasteful given that you have to make the journey both ways.

Luckily there are specialist furniture removal services that you can organise to pick up your new armchair or armoire and deliver it to you safely. These services can be cheaper than the amount you’d spend on fuel if the delivery is on their route anyway.

Before transporting your furniture

Prior to having your furniture transported, make sure that you check its condition, and take pictures of it. This will help you to see if it’s been damaged when it arrives. When you buy an item of furniture second-hand online make sure that the seller provides accurate details and images.

When it comes to packaging your furniture different services will have different policies, some will want to pack it themselves whereas others will allow you to do it yourself - which brings us to finding the right courier service.

Once you know when and where you’d like your furniture delivered comes the task of finding a convenient and hopefully cheap removals service.

Depending on the nature of the article being moved, you might require slightly different services. For a beaten-up second-hand chest of drawers most standard larger couriers or van services should suffice. However, if you need to transport a bespoke Italian leather masterpiece, you might want to ensure that you employ the services of an expert.

Not all furniture carriers are the same, they may provide differing levels of service when it comes to packing and helping with loading and unloading of items. Some may help you get your sofa through the door and round the corner into the living room whilst others may expect you to do the heavy lifting.

When looking for relevant services make sure you find out some important information about the drivers.

Insurance: What level of cover does the driver/courier hold, depending on the value of what you’re moving, you might have to ask for extra cover (especially relevant over long distances).

References: Who has used the service before? You can ask the driver for references or try to find recommendations online.

Service: What level of service will they provide? Loading, unloading, packaging?

Experience: If you need something peculiar delivered it might be worth asking the driver if they've had much experience with similar items.

Shiply can assist you in finding a delivery driver for your furniture, all you have to do is list your proposed delivery online with us and wait to receive free quotes from transporters that want to carry out the job.

If you want to list your furniture delivery on Shiply, make sure to provide as much detail as possible: dimensions, weight and photos are all helpful in giving furniture couriers with the clearest possible picture of your delivery. Details of eBay furniture listings can be imported to help save you time too. Make sure to list any special requirements as well, such as needing help unloading.

Once your delivery listing is uploaded, transport providers will be able to quote you prices for your furniture delivery. You will be able to consider offers and compare the quoting transporters based on their Shiply feedback scores. When you’ve got an offer you’re happy with, it’s just a matter of accepting it.

Getting Your Furniture

When your new cabinets or cupboards arrive make sure you check to see that they are as described and fit for purpose. If your new table has wonky legs you might have a case to make a claim for a refund against the seller.

If your transport provider isn't able to help you with unloading and installing your new furniture you might need to make sure you’ve got an extra pair of hands to help out with the manual labour. Keep on any packaging when you take your furniture inside can help against any damage you might cause to it or your door frames!

Once your new piece has pride of place in its new home we encourage you to write a review and leave feedback for the delivery service that helped, you move the furniture. By providing reviews of these transport companies, you help to make Shiply a better marketplace for all of our users.

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