Moving a Sofa

If you’re in the market for a second-hand couch, moving house or just transporting a sofa for another reason then you’ll need to think ahead a bit to make sure your furniture arrives fit for purpose. Unless you’re moving a kid’s couch, you will need more than one pair of hands to shift the furniture. Undertaking the move yourself is doable, but sometimes it pays to hire a sofa delivery specialist.

Preparing your Sofa for Transport

Clean and remove covers: Vacuum the sofa and remove exterior covers, these can be transported separately.

Take off the cushions: These are only going to get in the way when transporting a sofa, so take them off beforehand – simple!

Work out your route carrying a sofa can be hard work, so plan where you’re going to take it first. Set up stops (with padding on wooden floors) if you can’t make the lift all in one go.

Protect it: Before your sofa is loaded onto the van, cover it in a sheet or plastic protective cover to prevent damage.

When Moving your couch

If you need to lift your sofa do be careful, make sure you keep your back and arms as straight as possible. The weight distribution of sofas can vary, but the majority tends to be where the back joins the base, therefore, they can be prone to tipping towards the backrest.

Laying out spare carpet at key points where you may need to stop and rest or pivot the settee can help you avoid damage to wood flooring too.

It always makes sense to have spare hands to help you move, and even spare eyes to make sure you don’t end up in a slapstick situation – knocking over lamps and banging into walls.

Depending on how much of the lifting you want to do you can try three different levels of service when it comes to sofa delivery and transportation. You can go it alone, find a sofa courier to help with some of the move or sit back and let someone else do all the work (not on the sofa).

Doing it yourself: Obviously the most economical option and the most difficult way to transport a couch. You’ll want at least two people to lift the sofa if it’s a 2 or 3 seater and more if it’s larger or especially heavy. Plus you’ll want an extra pair of eyes to watch out for those tight corners. Don’t forget to pivot.

Having padded feet on the sofa is always helpful, as this way you can put it down anywhere without fear of damage; this will also help prevent it slipping should you need to rest it on stairs.

Partial service: If you can get the sofa in and out of the houses, up and down the stairs, but don’t own a large enough vehicle to transport it, then a simple man and van could be useful to you. You’ll pay less if you’re doing all the work and s/he’s just doing the driving.

Full service: If you’re unable to tackle the move yourself, or just don’t want the hassle, then the full works is for you. A complete service will take your sofa from a to b including removal and installation; all you have to do is put your feet up, and maybe give them a cup of tea!

When looking at any delivery services you should ensure a couple of things. Firstly, be sure that the driver has goods in transit insurance. Secondly, though not required, check to see if they are associated with any specialist removals organisations, as this can mean an inherent high level of service. Thirdly, make sure you double check with the transporter what service you’re getting. You don’t want to assume they will help with removals and end up with you doing all the legwork.

Getting sofa delivery quotes for can be a tiresome and time-consuming process, phoning around companies and browsing prospective webpages gets very boring very quickly – which is why we help you find sofa couriers by having them come to you!

List your sofa moving requirements on Shiply, including when and where you need it moving, as well as optional details such as size and weight. Available couriers will then be able to quote you a transport estimate for carrying your furniture.

Compare the transporters’ quotes as well as their feedback scores from other Shiply users, meaning that you can choose your preferred transporter, be it the cheapest or the best rated.

Completing Your Sofa Move

When courier sofa and you meet at the destination, make sure you’ve prepared an adequate room for the furniture, as well as a route into its new home that’s free of clutter.

Depending on the sofa courier service you arranged, this is where either you or the driver will be doing some heavy lifting. The same rules apply as moving most things; lift with your legs, keep a straight back and put it down if the sofa becomes too heavy.

When you’re happily seated on your new settee please do leave feedback for the Shiply courier. Feedback and reviews help us create a stronger database of reliable couriers, which in turn assists future users who are looking for deliveries.