Preparing your Car

If you’re travelling to Cyprus to find a new home or just going on a long holiday, then you might want to bring your car too. You have two choices for car transport to Cyprus: drive it yourself, or hire a car transporter.

Guide to Car Transport to Cyprus

Whether driving the car yourself or employing a car transporter, you should check these things first:

Documentation: Keep paperwork with the car (if you buy a car on eBay make sure you ask the seller to include MoTs and original documents)

If moving abroad, you need a certificate of export; you can apply for one of these at your local Vehicle Registration Office or contact the DVLA for more information.

Wash and check: Making an inventory of the condition of your car will be less difficult if it’s nicely cleaned. Take pictures of your car so you can compare its condition pre and post transportation.

Insurance: If you’re relocating to Cyprus you may wish to move your insurance policy to a local firm to avoid additional charges.

Short stay

If you’re only staying for less than 6 months then you can drive your car provided that you:

Have written permission
Are resident in another country
You’ll only be using it for private use
You have proof of registration

Other Checks

When hiring car delivery to Cyprus services take any valuables out of the car because these won’t be insured by transport companies, also make sure you top up your vehicle in terms of tyre pressure, water, oil and fuel levels.

There are a couple of ways to get your car to Cyprus, but being an island, all will involve shipping at some point.

Roll on roll off: you can drive your car yourself onto a container ship and either ride with it, if the ship supports passengers, or meet it at the port in Cyprus. Alternatively, if you are buying a car online you can arrange for a private service to drive your car for you.

Trailer: Car transport to Cyprus on a trailer will be the most expensive mode. This is because you’re paying for shipping, import and the driver of the trailer. This might be your only option if the car you’re transporting is not working.

Shipping containers: These can be used to protect your car on long haul journeys; an individual container will be more expensive than a shared one.

Hiring Car Transporters to Cyprus

If you are going to hire a firm to ship your car, then you want to make sure you’re getting a reliable transporter.

Insurance cover: Any car delivery to Cyprus company should have “vehicle transporter insurance” and be covered for moving cars internationally.

Expertise: When it comes to shipping a classic or expensive car it pays to go for a transporter with experience. Whilst you can get cheaper prices they might not be as well versed in international moves. Make sure you ask questions.

Membership: When hiring a car export provider you might want to find one who has recognised association with a large international transport company. This isn’t imperative, but can mean a better level of service.

Going there anyway: If you can find a car transporter who is going over to the Mediterranean island anyway you can potentially find a cheaper quote too.

It’s vital that you pose questions to the transporter to help iron out any issues before they arise.

If you need to import a car to Cyprus or just don’t like the idea of riding on a container ship then you will need to employ the services of a professional car transporter. Finding one of these companies can take a while, and finding one that has spare capacity can be even more troublesome.

On Shiply however we can bring available car transporters to you!

When moving your car through Shiply: Simply list your car delivery to Cyprus request, where and when of your move. Then just wait for available transporters to give you delivery estimates. The best quotes will be from transporters who need to make the journey anyway.

You can compare the quotes for Cypriot car shipping from the available transporters as well as checking the feedback they’ve received from other Shiply users. This allows you to make a more informed choice.

Your Cypriot Car

When you pick up your car in Cyprus (likely from Limassol in the southeast or Larnaca in the west):

Check how far it’s been driven, this should correspond to the distance from pickup to port and then any additional destinations.

Inspect the car to make sure that it has not been marred or damaged during shipping or driving. Checking both the interior and exterior and comparing the current state to your “before” photos will give you the best chance of spotting any damage.

Your car transporter should stay around for any post transport checks if they’re coming over with the car.

Staying in Cyprus

If you’re moving over to Cyprus then you will need to make sure you register and tax your vehicle properly.

- Tell the DVLA you’re moving – you need a certificate of export.
- Declare the import within 24 hours of arrival to a customs station
- Pay your customs and registration fees
- Apply for tax exemptions (which may be available to retirees or students)
- Get some Cypriot number plates
- Full details at:

Once your car logistics is sorted out and you’re settled in Cyprus please remember to leave feedback for the service you found via Shiply. This will help their feedback score and assist future users looking for car transport to Cyprus.