Moving A Motorcycle?

Why get someone to transport a motorbike for me if I can ride it myself? Many keen riders would much rather take to the open road themselves than commission a vehicle transporter.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible; if you need a bike repaired and it’s a non-starter or if you’re buying a new ride online that you need collecting, the only option might be to hire a transportation service.

Motorbike transport advice
If you’re arranging a delivery there are a few checks and preparations to make:

- Clean up: This isn’t so it looks nice on the back of a trailer. Cleaning your motorcycle will help you notice any damage or scratches that might have been previously hidden. What’s more, any dust or dirt on the bike can contribute to scratching paintwork during handling and moving.

- Note damage: Noting any nicks or scrapes on your bike and documenting them with photographs will let you see if your bike has been damaged during transportation once it reaches its destination.

- Fluids: Depending on the policy of the transportation company you may or may not have to drain oil and petrol from your bike. This helps avoid any potential leakages and is best from a safety perspective. If the bike is to be ridden at all during its transit then you will need to keep some fuel in the tank.

- Tyres: Also make sure tyres are properly inflated to help prevent damage to rims; this also makes the bike easier to move.

- Extras: Before the bike move, make sure there are no loose panels or any accessories left on the bike that could easily come off during transit (some companies will transport motorbike accessories with no extra charge).

If you’re transporting your bike with its keys it can be worth tying them to the bike itself. If the transporter is going to ride your motorcycle at some point make sure it’s in working order.

Once you have decided on a collection or moving date, you need to decide what kind of transportation service you’re going to need.

- Open trailer: Unlike car transporters, motorbikes can be delivered by any vehicle capable of towing the right trailer. This opens your options up quite a lot when it comes to choosing a company for transit.

There may be many different trailer services, but be sure to check that the delivery firm is using a specialised motorbike trailer for the safest delivery.

One major disadvantage to an open trailer is obviously the exposure; your bike will be subjected to the elements during its transport.

- Enclosed transport: Covered trailers are less common than the standard open versions, but using larger vehicles like vans and lorries for motorbike transportation is common. Most man and van companies can adapt to transport motorcycles with the right hardware to keep the bike secure.

Specialist lorries can also transport motorbike en masse but aren’t very popular for private jobs. Enclosed transport options are perhaps the safest and most secure option, but might set you back a bit more than an open transport.

- Ridden service: If you can’t ride your motorbike to its destination there is the option to have someone ride it for you. Much like a driven car service this is quite a bespoke option and less popular than other methods.

There is more chance of wear and tear on the bike. This could be an option if you need it moved urgently, but is likely to be much more expensive than other services.

Your choice of transportation will likely depend on your budget and how urgently you need the bike moved. When it comes to finding a suitable motorcycle transport service, there are a few options: You could try the phonebook or the internet to find independent services or ask your friends if they’ve used any services.

Or, you can find and compare a wide range of specialist transporter quotes on Shiply.

Getting quotes for motorcycle transport on Shiply is easier than riding a bike!

In 3 easy steps you can find a feedback-rated motorbike transporter to move your bike for less than you might expect.

1. List: The first step is to upload the details of your bike to Shiply (if you’re buying a bike from eBay this info is easily imported). Make, model and preferred moving dates are all useful in finding the best transporter for your bike. Listing a move is completely free.

2. Get quotes: Once your move details are uploaded, our network of transporters will be able to quote prices for your delivery. You can review quotes at your convenience and you’re under no obligation to accept one.

You will also be able to see what other users think of quoting services based on reviews and their Shiply feedback scores as well as other details of the transporter – such as level of insurance cover.

The best quotes for motorbike transport can be found from drivers who are already making a similar journey and have spare capacity, or those who are travelling back from another delivery empty.

3. Accept: When you’re happy with a quote for your move it’s just a matter of accepting the quote from your preferred transporter.

Completing the Move
When your bike arrives at its destination make sure you or the bike’s new owner performs a thorough check to see if the vehicle has been damaged at all in transit. Any issues should be taken up with the transporter and insurance companies.

Once your motorcycle has safely reached its destination, please leave feedback for the transporter who completed the job. Feedback helps other users, just like you, find the best delivery companies and helps us provide the best possible service too.