Scooter Transport

Getting your scooter from A-B is as simple are driving it right? Unfortunately scooters aren’t the best vehicle to travel long distances, which is why scooter delivery outside of your local area means that you’ll either need to get a trailer or hire a scooter transport service. If you are buying a moped on eBay and can’t go collect it, then a vehicle transporter is just what you need.

Tips Before Shipping Your Scooter

Before you start arranging a trailer service you should survey your scooter:

Clean it up: Washing your scooter isn’t just to impress the transporter. Tidying up your ride is important to protect the paintwork from dust damage, and having a gleaming scooter will also make any potential damage incurred during transit more visible at the destination.

Fluid levels: How far you intend to ride your scooter to and from collection points will dictate how much fuel you’ll need. It’s probably best to keep minimal fluid levels in the tanks just to avoid any potential leakage.

Pumped: Having properly inflated tyres will help avoid damage to your bike’s rims and cushion the impact of transportation.

Remove accessories:Take any extras off your bike, such as travel boxes, and remove anything stored under the seat. Transport insurance will usually only cover the vehicle itself.

Loading Your Scooter

Getting your scooter onto a van or trailer is fairly simple: you’ll need a ramp, a block of wood (to stop the bike rolling around) and some tie downs (to secure it). Roll (Don’t ride!) the scooter up the ramp onto the vehicle and wedge the front wheel against a block of wood.

Attach the straps to the front of the scooter so that it is pulled forwards and another set around the rear pulling it down. A specialist wheel chock may be used to add extra security; the front wheel sits in snugly to prevent it moving.

There are a couple of different ways to get your scooter moved, you can get a Honda hauled or load your Vespa onto a van – it’s up to you.

Hiring a Van: You can either hire a van for the day and drive it yourself or employ a man with a van for a one off fee. The former obviously gives you complete control of the move but can be more expensive, reason being that your scooter can usually be transported with other loads when using a transport service.

So unless you need to move a van full of things it is usually worth trying to find a transporter for your bike.

Trailer: An open trailer is a flexible way to transport a scooter, either by yourself or via a vehicle transporter. Using a trailer means that the scooter can be towed by nearly any large car or other vehicle, meaning that you have a wider array of options open to you. The downside of an open transport is of course that it leaves your scooter susceptible to the elements – so if opting for this route, try to move your moped on a sunny day.

Multi vehicle transporter: While vans and trailers are restricted to around 2 bikes, larger commercial style lorries can easily move 20 scooters at once. This is a rarer form of transit which tends to be used for racing bikes but you can still potentially find an extra space moving your scooter with such a service.

When comparing scooter transport services it’s important to check that they are properly insured. Standard goods in transit insurance will cover a courier to carry up to £10,000 worth of cargo which should definitely cover most mopeds. It’s also worthwhile checking to see if the drivers have experience of transporting bikes.

If you’re unable to handle the scooter transport yourself, then you need to look for a vehicle transporter to make the move for you. Finding a transporter at short notice isn’t easy, so it helps to have a moving date in mind.

Using Shiply can help you easily find scooter delivery companies, because we’ll bring them to you!

When you list your scooter move on Shiply our transport providers will be able to quote you a price for delivery, you can then compare offers and choose the transporter that looks best.

You don’t necessarily have to go by price; transporters on Shiply receive feedback when they complete jobs so you might opt to pay a bit more for someone experienced in bike delivery.

When your Scooter Arrives

When your transporter delivers your scooter, be sure to check it over to ensure that is hasn’t been damaged during its trip. Check the oil and fuel levels too, to be sure that it’s not been taken on any impromptu joyrides. If you bought the moped on eBay then check to make sure that it matched the product description – any discrepancies should be taken up with the seller ASAP.

Once you’re zipping around on your scooter remember to take a break to leave feedback for the delivery driver on Shiply to let other users know whether or not they provided a good service.
Happy trails!