Prepare For Your Caravan Transport

If you need to move a caravan you’d usually just drive it to its destination yourself, but there are going to be times that this isn’t feasible. If you’re buying a caravan online and need it delivered then you’re going to employ the services of a caravan transporter to help you get your mobile home delivered.

Transporting a caravan can be a little more complicated than other moves, so it pays to give yourself a reasonable timeframe to make sure you have prepared properly and to find a suitable delivery driver; you may also need further time to compare quotes.

Depending on which type of trailer you’re moving, you might need to make a number of preparations before it’s transported:

Tidy up: If your caravan is going to be towed then it stands to reason that you don’t want any clutter rattling around and potentially damaging the interior. So make sure there’s nothing loose in the cabin prior to transport.

Security: Make sure that you secure all compartments and doors, locking them if possible. This will ensure nothing swings open during cornering and protect anything left in the trailer from theft.

Loading: Anything that you intend to pack into the caravan should be securely fastened, heavy items should be on the floor, directly over the trailer’s axle (this increases stability).

Empty containers: Make sure that gas cylinders are removed and water tanks and toilet cassettes are empty prior to having your towing, this will make the journey safer.

Know some figures: Knowing certain weights and figures of your caravan will help transporters decide whether or not their vehicle is suitable.

- Maximum laden mass: This is the absolute weight limit for the trailer when loaded
- Mass in running order: This means the caravan as fitted by the manufacturer
- Hitch height: The height of the caravan’s tow bar(should be 39-47 cm approx.)
- Nose weight: A measure of the weight applied by the caravan to the tow bar (this must never be greater than the limit on the tow bar/towing vehicle)

Note that if you need to move a static caravan then some of these values might not apply, because the home may be loaded onto a flatbed rather than towed by a smaller vehicle. 

The type of mobile home you need to transport will dictate the type of vehicle required to tow/carry it. From a small one bed trailer to a large static caravan, there is a multitude of sizes, shapes and weights, so knowing this will help you find the best quotes for transportation.

There are two main types of caravan haulage:

Towing: The most recognised mode of caravan transportation involves hooking the trailer up to a car, van or other vehicle and driving it to its destination. The weight of the caravan will dictate the type of vehicle needed to haul it.

This type of service is more expensive that transporting the caravan yourself but hiring a professional will ensure that you cover all your bases.

When you’re soliciting transport you should ask what vehicle they will be using and if they know the loading capacity of their vehicle. Its maximum permissible towing weight is the most important figure, this should never be exceeded.

By Trailer: Large static caravan or mobile home transport may require a flatbed lorry to transport. This mode of delivery often requires heavy machinery and cranes, resulting in a higher cost. Specialist large caravan transporters are harder to find than a basic towing service, but will likely be highly specialised in this area.

When you’re moving any vehicle you need to take a few general things into consideration:

Insurance: Any professional haulage company will have a high level of cover to guard you against damage to your caravan. Ensure that you find out what level of cover you will be getting prior to choosing a transport service.

Accreditation: Find out if your transporter is a registered member of any haulage associations. This can give you peace of mind as these independent regulatory bodies oversee standards of service across the industry.

Experience: You’ll want to make sure that any transporter you’re thinking of hiring has relevant experience transporting similar caravans to yours.

Finding and comparing a number of quotes for transporting a caravan can be troublesome, phoning round firms to get prices and available dates can take a lot of time and effort.

Which is why using Shiply can save you time and effort; by listing your caravan move with us, available transporters come to you! Thousands of transport providers will be able to quote for your business, and because they’re competing for your custom, the price goes down.

Your choice of driver isn’t just limited to the lowest quote; you can read reviews that other Shiply users have left for them to help you make a more informed choice.

Once you’re happy with a quote you just need to give the transporter the OK and get your caravan delivered.

Receiving your caravan

When your caravan arrives you’ll want to make sure that everything’s in order. Check that nothing has moved around during the trip and ensure that the exterior is in the condition it was when it was picked up. If you bought the caravan online take care in establishing that the product matches up to its original description.

When you’ve given your mobile home a thorough check, sign off the completed transportation with the driver.

Don’t forget to leave feedback for your driver on Shiply, doing so will help their feedback score and also assist future Shiply users who need to find caravan transport.