Bed Couriers

Buying a bed online, moving house or moving a bedstead into storage – all of these tasks require bed delivery service. Moving bedroom furniture can be tricky if you have a large four poster, but much easier for something like a flat pack piece. Depending on the size of what you’re moving you could either move it yourself or hire a specialist bed delivery company.

Preparing a Bed for Transport

Beds essentially come in two varieties, those you can dismantle and those you can’t, if you need to transport a fixed frame bed, then you’re going to have more trouble than moving one that is easily deconstructed.

First things first, you should remove sheets and mattress protectors from the mattress and remove it from the frame. Because they’re quite dense and still flexible, mattresses can be quite difficult to shift, so get a friend to help you and use the handles available.

If you’re moving a bed with a solid wood frame, you will need to tackle some tricky logistics. Solicit the help of some mates or alternatively, if using a removal service, the drivers will be able to assist.

When carrying a large frame it’s important to take care, make sure that you have cleared a route from the bedroom to the removal van, get someone to look out for potential obstacles and have at least two people to move the frame itself.

Most metal or divan bed bases are held together with commonly used fasteners, so a Phillips head and flat headed screwdriver, a set of Allen keys and potentially a spanner are usually all you will need to disassemble a frame. Taking apart a bed is usually preferable as it allows it to be transported more easily, plus it will take up less space in the van. (Remember to keep screws and other fittings in a bag so they don’t go missing)

If your bed is made of valuable wood or you feel that the frame may be prone to scratching, then it’s usually best to wrap the parts of the bed separately. You can use foam padding or spare cloth/towels for this.

When you want to move a bed, you can usually do it yourself, but if you can’t convince your friends to assist or don’t think you’re up to the heavy lifting, then you can always hire a bed removals company.

There are a couple of levels of service to choose from when it comes to bedroom furniture couriers depending on how much help you need from the removal team.

Full Bed Transport: A comprehensive service will involve the deliverymen helping to dismantle, remove, courier and then reinstall your bedstead. This option is invariably the most expensive, but is a good choice for those who can’t manage the manual work alone.

Partial transport: Most delivery companies will be happy to help you carry your bed in and out of your house, but won’t assist in its dismantling or reassembly. It’s important to check with the firm whether or not they are willing to help with the carrying of your bed.

Transport only: The cheapest service will involve you doing all the lifting and just putting your boxes onto the removals van. Alternatively you have the option to hire a removals van for your bed transportation, but this is usually only worth it if you are moving house.

Courier Checks
Whenever you’re hiring moving companies there are a few things you should make sure of:

Insurance: Any good bed courier will have goods in transport insurance, the basic model covers them for various goods up to £10,000 in value, and we imagine most beds aren’t going to fall above that price range!

Association: If you’re hiring a removals service or courier, finding one that is a registered member of a transport organisation can be beneficial. Independent bodies such as the British Association of Removers impose guidelines on their members to ensure a high level of service.

Finding quotes for bed delivery can take a while – trawling through the yellow pages and countless courier websites can feel like a dead end. Which is why Shiply brings the courier quotes to you!

List your bed’s details, its destination and when you need it moved – then available delivery drivers will be able to quote you their price. Most of our couriers look for deliveries that are on their existing routes, meaning you could save some cash by filling empty space.

Bed couriers will compete to offer you the best price – and you can choose the company that suits you best. You don’t need to compare couriers purely on price though, through Shiply you can see the feedback that drivers have received from other users of the site.

Completing the Move

Once your bed meets you at your destination, check it over to make sure that it’s not been damaged during transit. Any problems you spot should be taken up with the driver as soon as possible. Allow the transporter to help you get the bed into its new home, then sign off the completed delivery.

Reassembling the bed should be simple as most designs are not that complicated (just reverse the deconstruction) – if you get really stuck the instructions for your bed can sometimes be found online on the manufacturer’s website.

You’ve made your bed, now you have to sleep in it, but first we hope you could take some time to leave feedback for the bed couriers you found on Shiply. Leaving reviews on our site helps us to build up a better list of transport services.