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Dog Transport Services

Every now and then you may find yourself in a situation where you need to find a dog transport service. Whether it’s because your furry friend is visiting relatives, going on holiday, or going to new owners, you will need to try and locate a reliable dog shipping company.

On Shiply you can save hours of time by posting your job on our platform and will often find quotes that are up to 75% cheaper than usual.

How Much Does Dog Transport Cost?

Shipping your dog can cost anywhere between $100 and $300 for shorter journeys and $350 to $600 for longer ones. Along with distance, here are some other factors that may affect the cost of transporting your dog:

Timings - If your dog is in a rush then this may incur extra costs as it may require a vehicle being sent out specifically for your job. Some dog shippers on our platform look for extra pets they can take on journeys they are already making, and so offer cheaper pricing based on this.

Size - Whereas a chihuahua obviously only takes up a little space, moving a great dane is a whole different story. The size of your dog may determine the size of the vehicle needed to move them, and this could have a knock-on effect on pricing.

Location Of Pickup And Delivery - Densely populated urban areas are more likely to be closer to your chosen dog shipping company and therefore will require less of a journey to actually pick the dog up. More remote locations may cost more due to the extra miles required to get there.

Time Of Year - Unfortunate weather conditions can affect dog transport trips. Rain, wind, and ice can all mean that certain routes are unavailable, which may make the journey slower or require more miles.

How Can Shiply Help Find Dog Transport Services?

Rather than spending hours of your own time hunting for that perfect dog transport service, Shiply allows the services to come to you.

All you need to do is upload some details to our platform such as how large the dog is where it’s located and where it needs to get to. Within 30 minutes you will start to see quotes appear in your inbox, all personalized for your specific job. You will be able to look at previous reviews for any service that has provided you with a quote to ensure peace of mind, as well as being able to message them with any further questions.

Further, many dog transport companies on our platform are already making similar trips and are looking to ensure their vehicles are full. This means that not only can their quotes be up to 75% cheaper, but also that using Shiply means you are looking out for the environment.

Preparing For Your Dog To Be Transported

Once you’ve decided on a quote from a dog transport company to go ahead with, you now need to prepare your furry friend for pick up. We recommend:

Documents - There may be some legal documents required for the transport, for example, if your dog is traveling abroad or is going to a new owner. Having these in order before pick up will save a lot of inconveniences further down the line.

Wash - Both your dog and the driver will thank you if you give your pet a good wash before they travel. It can often make them feel more comfortable for the journey, as well as ensuring they don’t arrive too with too much time between their last wash.

Suitable Carrier - Obviously this depends on the sort of dog that you have, but ensuring that they have a decent-sized container can make transporting them easy and mean they have their own space where they feel at home during the journey.

Food, Water, And Toys - You always want to make sure that you pack enough food and water for your dog so that no unnecessary stops are needed to pick up supplies. Toys can ensure that your pet feels comfortable and has something to entertain themselves with should they get restless.

What To Do After Delivery

The only thing you really need to worry about after delivery is that your dog is perfectly fine and healthy (or at least in the same health they departed in). We always ask that you leave a rating and some feedback for your chosen dog transport service so that Shiply users in the future can browse with trust and safety.

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