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1.How To Ship Household Goods

Whether you are moving house, selling items online or even looking to buy, getting household goods shipped can often seem more confusing than it needs to be. There are a number of options available in terms of transport methods and a whole range of companies offering their services.

If you are just moving a few boxes then shipping with a parcel service may be possible, but for appliances, furniture, and larger items you will need to use a more robust shipping service.

This is where Shiply can help. Quotes for household good shipping are often up to 75% cheaper than usual on our platform and finding the right company for you is made easy.

2.How Much Does It Cost To Ship Household Goods?

The cost of shipping household goods will vary based on a number of factors but on average you can expect to spend around $1.81 per mile for shorter journeys and $0.59 per mile for more long-distance shipments. 

Along with distance, a number of other factors which can affect the cost of your quotes are:

Item Size - How large or heavy the household goods are will have a significant impact on pricing. A few boxes of household goods or a single appliance may well fit onto a vehicle already filled with items, whereas if you need multiple items moved which would require a whole vehicle this may cost you more.

Timings - If timings are a concern and you need your household goods delivered by a certain time or date then this may cost you more. This is because a vehicle may have to be dispatched just for you, meaning you bear the full cost of the shipment as opposed to paying for a part-load.

Locations Of Pickup And Delivery - Pick ups from remote locations may cost more as they require a further journey and more fuel to even get the item. You can often expect to pay more for your household goods shipping service if this is the case.

Time Of Year - Seasonality can also get in the way of some shipments with ice and snow closing off certain routes. If your delivery is happening in Winter then this is definitely something to bear in mind.

3.How Can Shiply Help With Household Goods Shipping?

As stated before, the many options, variables and the wide range of household goods shipping companies to choose from mean that often this process can become confusing and overwhelming when it feels like it should be simple. This is where Shiply can help.

All you need to do is submit a few pieces of information about your shipment such as a description of the items, their size, the pick up and delivery locations. Once submitted you should begin to receive custom quotes from shipping companies within minutes. This allows you to compare all of your options in one simple place.

Our feedback and ratings system allows you to browse with trust in the companies as you can read precious Shiply user experiences with them. You also have the ability to message each household goods shipping service individually to ask any questions you might have.

Rates on Shiply are typically up to 75% cheaper than usual rates because our drivers are usually making a similar journey anyway and are looking to pick up extra items to fill the space in their vehicles. This also means using Shiply is great for the environment as there are less vehicles on the roads.

4.Preparing For Your Household Goods To Be Shipped

Once you have selected a shipping company to deliver your household goods, you need to prepare the items for pick up:

Documents - If the shipment is going overseas or you are selling something then this may require documentation. We highly recommend sorting these documents first as without them the shipment cannot go ahead.

Cleaning And Photographing - It is a good idea to clean your item and photograph it before it is picked up to keep a record of its condition and to help ascertain again if damage has occurred during transit. High quality timestamped images work great as evidence should any disputes arise. 

Working Condition - If the household goods being shipped are akin to TVs or appliances then you should ensure that they are working exactly as expected prior to delivery. This will allow you to determine if any damages have occurred in transit.

Packing - You want to make sure that your household goods are secured and protected whilst they are being transported. You can do this using packing materials such as bubble wrap and shrink wrap, however if extra security is required such as a pallet then we suggest you discuss the packing details with your chosen shipping company.

5.What To Do After Delivery

Once the item has been delivered you should absolutely check it’s condition first thing. Use the images taken before pick up to compare, check the running condition is as expected and raise any issues with your shipping company immediately.

We also ask that leave the shipping company a review and feedback to let them know how they are doing, as well as to help other Shiply users in the future.

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