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How To Ship A Car

There are plenty of reasons you might need a car shipping service. You may be buying a second-hand car online, selling one, or just moving house, but finding the right auto transport company for you can often be a difficult task.

Shiply has hundreds of shipping companies ready to bid on your car delivery job, often with quotes up to 75% less than standard rates, but first, you need to assess your options.

There are many things to consider when selecting a company to transport your car which ranges from price, security, and availability, but the first step you need to take in finding the right company for you is deciding which type of car shipping service you need.

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Types Of Auto Transport Services

There are a number of auto transport services available which have been summarised below. It can be a big help to read through and work out exactly what sort of service you need or want to move your car. Whilst terminal-to-terminal auto delivery is an option, the vast majority of people require a door-to-door auto transport delivery service, and these are generally split into a few options, either you have someone drive your car to where it needs to be, or it’s put on a trailer.

Have Someone Drive Your Car

This is a very straightforward solution to car shipping, you hire someone to come and drive your car to where it needs to go. Going with this method can sometimes be cheaper but it does, however, mean that mileage is added to your vehicle, which may not be ideal in some situations but if it isn’t a worry then this is a very simple and straightforward service.

Put Your Car On A Trailer

With car shipping trailers there are multiple options that you may want to go with depending on the value and size of your vehicle. First off, you can decide whether you want a single trailer for your car. These are often more expensive as they only transport one car at a time but are a great option if you are moving an expensive or classic car which you don’t want to risk getting damaged. The absolute safest way to transport a car is to put it in a shipping container, but this is by far the most expensive option.

The other option is a multi-car transporter, of which there are a few variants:

Open car shipping is the cheapest and by far the most common option for transporting a car. Your vehicle is placed on an open carrier and is driven to the destination. All cars are safely secured but, as the name suggests, are exposed to the elements during the drive.

Enclosed auto transport involves multiple cars secured on a carrier but they are enclosed, meaning they are not exposed to the dust, weather, and debris of the outside world during transit. This is often preferable for more expensive vehicles.

Should you need to move your vehicle overseas through an auto transport company then you should try and find one of the specialist services on our platform or one which has experience in overseas car shipping as they can provide you with tailored advice based on what you require.

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How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car?

There are a number of variables when trying to work out how much your car transport will cost, but on average in the US auto transport companies charge around $2.92 per mile if the journey is less than 200 miles, if the journey is over 1,000 miles then this drops to $0.78.

Obviously, the distance will affect how much your car transport costs, but some other things to consider are:

Vehicle Size - The height, length, and width of the vehicle will all affect how much it will cost to transport your vehicle. Bigger cars will require larger trailers, with SUVs typically costing more on average than a Sudan.

Vehicle Condition - If your car is not in a drivable condition then this may make your auto transport cost more expensive. This is because it may require extra equipment to get your car on and off of the carrier.

Auto Transport Service Type - The type of auto transport service you select will also affect the cost of your car shipping, with single car trailers and enclosed transport raising the price.

Locations Of Pickup And Delivery - Depending on where you need the car picked up from and dropped off to this may also increase the price. Urban areas will usually have car shipping services in close proximity and the cost can come down more if it is a common destination route. Rural deliveries can cost more as they require deviations from normal routes and extra mileage for the company.

Time Of Year - Seasonality can also affect the price of car shipping, with many services costing more in the winter due to ice and snow slowing the routes.

How Can Shiply Help Find Auto Transport Companies?

Given all of the options and variables involved with finding a car shipping service, actually searching for the right one can seem like a daunting task, and this is where Shiply can help.

On Shiply, you simply need to fill out a simple form that details the make, model, and size of the vehicle as well as the pickup and delivery locations. Auto transport companies can then send you bids straight to your Shiply inbox, giving you the ability to easily assess your options and pricing from them.

Shiply has a feedback and rating system which we highly recommend looking at before selecting a quote to ship your vehicle. This system allows you to view previous customer’s experiences with a company, as well as view their overall score. You can also message each company and enquire about further specifics such as transport type, insurance, and delivery timeframes.

The car shipping companies on Shiply are often looking to fill space on journeys they are already making, meaning not only is using Shiply good for the environment as these trips are being carried out anyway, but also that car shipping quotes can be up to 75% cheaper than usual rates.

Preparing For Your Car To Be Shipped

If you have decided on an auto transport company to move your car and feel secure using them, then it’s time to prepare your car for shipping. We recommend following these steps:

Documents - It is important to ensure that any documents you may need are available at pick up or drop off, especially if you are selling  your vehicle.

Cleaning - You should take care to remove all personal items from your vehicle prior to shipping, for the obvious reason that you don’t want to risk them getting lost or damaged in transit. It is also highly recommended that you clean your vehicle before transport as this will allow you to ascertain its condition and notice any damages that may occur during delivery.

Running Condition - If the vehicle will be driven at any point during shipping or driven home from the drop off location then you should ensure that it is in running condition. This means ensuring that there is enough fluid, as well as checking battery charge and tire pressure levels. Again this can also help you better judge the condition of the vehicle upon arrival.

Photographic Evidence - One very important thing to do when preparing a car for delivery is to take high-quality photographs of all parts of the car. This provides you with evidence of the car’s condition before shipping should anything happen to it during transport.

What To Do After Delivery

Once the car shipping company you selected has completed their delivery, there are a few things you should do:

Check Vital Signs - Lights, brakes, and engines should all be checked immediately to ensure that the car is in the expected condition, as well as enabling you to immediately raise concerns should anything not be working as it should.

Exterior Condition - You can compare the exterior of the vehicle to the photos taken of it before to ascertain whether any extra damage has occurred.

Check Mileage - This is more relevant to car shipping services where the car is driven to the destination but it can help to check the mileage to ensure that it matches up with the journey taken.

We would greatly appreciate it if you could also leave a review for the auto transport company you used through Shiply so that others can browse car shipping services with the same peace of mind.

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