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1.What Is Full Truckload (FTL) Freight Shipping?

Whilst some large deliveries are able to fit on a truck or vehicle already carrying goods, sometimes the amount of goods you need to ship will require a whole truck in itself, and this is where full truckload shipping can be a very convenient option. It can often be cheaper than multiple smaller shipments, reduces the risk of damage and ensures that all your items will arrive at their destination at the same time.

However, there are numerous options available, and working out which truckload freight shipping company is best for you can seem like a difficult task. Shiply has hundreds of truckload freight shippers ready to bid on your job, often at rates up to 75% cheaper than usual.

2.How Much Does Truckload Freight Shipping Cost?

Due to the large amount of variables involved, giving an accurate pricing estimate for your truckload freight shipment is difficult but you can take a look at a few of the factors below to get an idea of whether your shipment will be costly or not:

Distance - Obviously distance is a big factor, and any international journeys will incur extra customs and travel costs. Journeys within the USA will be cheaper, and you may find that the cost-per-mile comes down if your journey is a long one, although you can still expect to pay more than a short trip overall.

Item Size - How big your shipment is will also affect price. A standard flatbed truck will carry at least 10 pallets (roughly 15,000 lbs), but there are other options available such as a Step Deck Trailer, Dry Van Trailer, Refrigerated Trailer and a Removable Gooseneck (RGN) Trailer for taller items. Each type has its own benefits and you should discuss your shipment with your chosen truckload freight shipper, but some such as refrigerated trailers may cost more.

Locations Of Pickup And Delivery - If your pickup location is in a remote or hard to reach area then this may also affect the cost of your truckload freight shipment. Urban and densely populated areas are more likely to be closer to the company and will require less of an initial trip.

Time Of Year - The size of full truckload vehicles mean that certain weather conditions can affect the routes available to them, For example, ice and snow on the roads will make some routes unsafe and this could make the journey longer, which may end up costing more.

3.How Can Shiply Help Find Truckload Freight Shipping Companies?

Given that there are a number of truckload freight shipping companies available, as well as a number of trailer options, comparing them and selecting the best option for you can seem like a daunting task. This is where Shiply can help.

All we need from you is some basic information about your shipment such as what it is, the size and the pickup and delivery locations. Once you have submitted these, truckload freight shipping companies will send personalized quotes straight to your inbox, allowing you to compare all of your options in one easy space.

Shiply has a feedback and ratings system that allows you to see a company’s feedback score, as well as read individual reviews from previous users. This allows you to have confidence and trust in the shipping companies on our platform. You will also have the option to message each company who has quoted you individually, giving you an opportunity to ask any further questions you may have about things such as insurance and type of truck required.

Many truckload freight shipping companies are operating on a backload basis, meaning they may look for deliveries to carry out on the return of journeys they are already making. Not only does this reduce damage to the environment by reducing unnecessary journeys but it also means that quotes on Shiply can be up to 75% cheaper than standard rates.

4.Preparing For Your Items To Be Shipped

Once you have found a truckload freight shipper to move your items, you need to prepare them for pickup. We recommend following these steps:

Documents - If there are any documents that are needed, such as a bill of sales or customs document if going abroad, then we recommend sorting these well before your items are picked up to avoid any last minute delays.

Cleaning - It can be a good idea to clean your items before you pack them up. This allows you to get a good idea of their condition before shipment.

Photographic Evidence - Along with cleaning you should also take high quality timestamped photographs of the condition of your items. These photos are great evidence should any damages occur in transit.

Packing - Exactly how your items need to be packed should be discussed with your chosen truckload freight shipping company as they may be expecting pallets or similar. However you agree to pack them, ensuring they are safe and secure is of paramount importance.

5.What To Do After Delivery

Once your items have been delivered you should make sure to check their condition against the photographs taken before, and if there are any issues then you should raise these with your chosen shipping company immediately.

Lastly, we ask that you leave feedback and a review for your truckload freight shipping company. This not only lets them know how they are performing but also give future Shiply users an idea of what to expect.

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