Prepare To Transport Your Dog

They may be man’s best friend, but dogs can be notoriously tricky to transport in cars, as they are often excited or scared and this can lead to all manner of problems.

Ideally when your pooch needs to go somewhere you’d be in the driving seat, but this isn’t always possible, which is when you might want to consider the services of a dog moving company or pet taxi. Putting rover in someone else’s hands can be worrying, but by finding a specialist doggy driver you can allay your fears.

If your pet is making a domestic move there are fewer things to consider than if it’s going to be crossing international borders.

Within Borders

When your dog is only travelling up and down the country there is far less to worry about, but even so, you should still make sure you properly prepare your canine for transport.

Things to travel with your dog:

Documents: such as records of breed and vaccinations

Treats and hydration: Depending on the length of the trip

Medication: If your dog suffers from illness

Distractions: chew toys etc., as long as they won’t distract drivers

Preparations for moving a dog:

Clean: Make sure your dog is nice and clean before they make their trip. This is for your benefit as well as theirs.

Diet: If your pooch suffers from nerves or another illness you should refrain from feeding them for about 3 hours prior to the journey.

Calming: You might want to take your pet for a walk before they are picked up, this should tire them out and make them easier to transport. There are also herbal remedies available to help keep your canine calm.

Secure: If you don’t have a proper travel kennel, or your pet is too large for one, make sure it has an appropriate leash to stop it moving around too much. Never allow your dog on the front seat. 

International Dog Transport

Moving dogs across borders is a more difficult task, but has recently been made easier inside the EU.

Any dogs moving internationally between the UK and other DEFRA approved countries need:

Micro chipping: An ISO standardised chip must be implanted in your dog for cross countrytravel.

Rabies shot: To stop the spread of the disease, dogsneed to be immunised against rabies. If your dog is being imported into the UK for the first time, they must wait 21 days from its latest vaccination.

Documentation: Your dog needs a pet passport from the Animal Health and Vets Agency. You should also bring any relevant vet’s papers with the dog.

Tapeworm treatment: This is a requirement for dogs travelling abroad. This should be done between 1 and 5 days prior to transportation.

If you’re getting a dog imported, or otherwise can’t transport the pet yourself, then you‘ll need a licensed canine courier to deliver your dog.

When looking for and comparing dog moving services you should make sure of three things:

­ That they are DEFRA licensed
­ That they are properly insured
­ They are experienced with similar breeds/temperaments of dog

Dog taxis can offer differing levels of service. If you want your poodle pampered you can get a luxury service including stops with walks, treats and a van with AC and toys. Or you may just want a simple A to B service to get your dog home as soon as possible.

Additional Dog Carrier Services

Kennel: pet transporters can bring their own carriers for your dogs if you don’t have your own

Booking: if the couriers are taking your dog on a circuitous journey, then they can arrange all the additional legs of transportation too.

Arrange quarantine: if your dog requires quarantine then this can be arranged by your pet courier service.

Washing, feeding and exercise: Some transporters offer a deluxe service and will give your furry friend great care and attention.

NB: The maximum number of dogs permitted to be moved by one person is limited to 5 except if participating in a contest, sport or other show. These pets need extra verification from the AHVLA.

When you know when and where you need your dog moving you can start looking for transporters. Finding and comparing a long list of pet handlers can be time consuming, which is why we help the transporters find you.

By listing your pet move on Shiply you can find DEFRA pet transporters who are already making trips similar to yours. Spare capacity means that they can offer you cheap pet transport quotes.

Firstly, list your animal’s journey with us. This will allow any dog transport firms making similar trips to see your move and quote for it.

You can compare different quoting couriers based on their price as well as reviews they’ve received from other Shiply users.

When you’re happy with a dog transport service, you can accept their quote and get your dog delivered.

Collecting Your Dog

If your dog is going to get home before you, you will need to arrange a kennel for it. Alternatively,the pet courier can do this, or you can have another designated person pick up your animal (make sure you arrange this with the transporter first!).

If your dog does end up being quarantined you can visit them, but the final decision is up to the head vet at the kennels.

If you were bringing in a pet from overseas check to make sure it’s as you expected and ask the pet courier any questions. Any issues you have should be brought up with the seller of the dog.

When your dog has reached its destination, please review the dog transporter that you found on Shiply. Providing feedback will help future users in search of reliable dog couriers.