Business Relocation

Office removals or business relocation is a huge task, people say moving home is stressful but shifting an entire workplace can be even more so. Lots of fragile computers, sensitive documents and redirecting clients to your new address can create a perfect stress storm.

Your time frame for moving an office can range from a few weeks to a number of months for larger offices, the longer your business has been established in one place the harder it can be to move.

Today many large corporations are constantly restructuring internally as well, increasing the demand for professional business relocation firms to help manage and rearrange layouts for businesses in large workplaces.

For long distance and complex moves, you can benefit from a dedicated moving management service to oversee the whole process.

We’ve created a To-Do List for your office move to guide you along the process of moving into your new workplace.

Preparation, Preparation, Preparation

The scale of your office move shouldn’t be underestimated, it’s a mammoth task that needs a clearly thought out plan. Create a calendar of key moving dates, include milestones like turn off utilities and disassemble all furniture. Keeping an inventory of the main objects to be moved will help ensure nothing’s missed, so don’t forget the printers, staplers or floor protectors!

Move Your Utilities

Moving offices is the perfect time to review your service providers such as telephone providers and ISPs. If you’re happy with their current service, it’s just a matter of moving it over to your new address.

You should also make sure that your site owner notifies your essential utility companies such as water, gas and electricity - ensure that you don’t get charged any fixed rates once you’ve moved on.

Packing up the Office

Unlike when moving home you’re less likely to pack for the move of your office yourself so the removal company will be key here. If you do want to do some packing yourself then follow these key points.

- Use original boxes where possible
- Pack room by room or department by department
- Keep all equipment together with their attachments (these are easily misplaced)
- Use a colour coding or labelling system to keep things organised
- Keep all vital documents and business records in a designated folder

Plan the Layout of Your New Premises

It certainly helps to lay out a plan for your new office well in advance, even the smallest office moves can benefit from a space planner or interior consultant.

Notify Important Parties

- Employees

- Clients


- Accountants and other services

Depending on your firm’s size you might have a number of choices when it comes to hiring an office moving company. For small partnerships and limited companies, most house moving and man and van services can suffice though it may require a few van loads. For larger businesses relocating can be a greater chore, so choosing the right service is vital.

Office Move Management Services

For the most complicated business relocation jobs, a comprehensive management service will be required. From packing and loading your office to planning your new layout, the whole process can be managed externally.

The downside to this is relinquishing control of your move, whilst the upside is that it removes a lot of stress from the process, allowing the business to settle in as soon as possible. This type of service is the most extensive and thus expensive type of removals.

Partial Service

If you’re moving to a smaller office then you may wish to undertake a lot of the packing yourself, which can save you a lot on costs. Partial services might only help with the loading and unloading of the moving vehicle meaning that you I’ll have to do all the unpacking. This means that you should have a clear idea of how you want to lay out your new office.

Other Services to Contract

- Commercial solicitors: It always helps to have someone to sort out the legal and contractual elements of your office relocation.

- Designers: Hiring interior designers for your new workspace is really beneficial, you want to inspire your employees, so engineering the right space is paramount.

- Network solutions: If you don’t have your own IT department or resident boffin then setting up your new office computer network can be a somewhat difficult task, getting in specialists will help you get online quickly.

Getting the best quote on an office move is important, relocating and entire business can cost into the thousands of pounds, so it’s a great idea to find and compare a number of services before settling on a company.

This is where Shiply can help your business, by listing your business relocation request on Shiply you will be able to receive removal estimates from among thousands of registered removal companies.

Transporters will quote on your office move and compete to give you the best quote in an attempt to win your business.

You can then choose the removal service that suits you best, either based on their price, the feedback they’ve received or a balance of both.

At Your New Office

When the moving van arrives at your new premises make sure you have a good idea of where each box will be unpacked, it helps to have an office plan already drawn up rather than just going about it gung-ho.

Ensure that the right members of staff are present for the move, office managers and PAs are a good choice as they can help introduce the workforce to the new space when they’re all moved in too.

Use your checklist to confirm that everything gets unloaded, thoroughly check all of the equipment to make sure nothing’s damaged. You might not find out until you connect your computers but it never hurts to check. Any damage that you can prove was caused during the move should be claimed against the moving company’s insurance.

Do things in a logical order, furniture first (or maybe the coffee maker?!) and fragile equipment last.

If you found your office removals company with Shiply we urge you to give them some feedback on our site! It helps them know how they can better their service and also informs other businesses about their level or service when looking for office removals themselves.