Prepare For A Furniture Transport

Conducting furniture removals yourself can be quite easy if you have a sizeable car and only need to move a few things. When you need to move a three-seater sofa or six chairs then things start to become far more complicated. Most cars aren’t fit for large furniture and you don’t want to be making multiple trips to move lots of smaller articles.

You might be getting your furniture removed to take to a new apartment or holiday home abroad (lucky you) or you may need to move furniture into storage because you just don’t have the space in your current home.

If you’re running an online store through eBay, or your own site, you might want to employ a furniture mover to conduct deliveries to your customers.

So if your furniture move seems a bit daunting it can be well worth employing the services of professional furniture transport service or a general man and van company to assist you. The upside is that you’ll get to move everything in one go and you’ll have an extra pair of experienced hands to assist you.

Preparing Your Furniture For Transport:
There are a few steps you can take to get your drawers or sofas ready for transit:

Clean up: Dusting and polishing your wooden goods can help you note any damage there already is, and also makes any potential damage incurred in transport more obvious.

Secure: Things with moving parts should either be disassembled or made secure. Drawers should either be fixed shut or transported separately. Doors on wardrobes etc. should be taken off or fastened closed.

Check structure: Furniture that has been in place for a long time or moved about a lot might have become less than sturdy, make sure to take precautions with flimsy pieces.

Wrap up: To avoid damage to the finish on your furniture it’s important you keep it covered, you can use towels or carpet in a pinch; alternatively you could use specialist packing materials.

Depending on the level of service offered by your chosen furniture mover you may have to do more or less of these jobs.

If you’re moving a sideboard and an entire dining room you’re going to need a different level of service than if you needed a few chairs and a chest of draws removed.

There are a couple of ways to go about furniture removals, each with differing levels of assistance provided.

Room to room removals: A full service furniture transport company will help you through the entire process. From navigating your corridors to loading the van and putting your furniture in its new home you’ll receive a lot of assistance. These services might also help with preparations for transport. Make sure to communicate with any service to confirm what level of support they offer.

Courier/door to door: If you can tackle the majority packing and heavy lifting yourself and are just interested in the driven part of the service then you might just hire a standard man and van service. Standard large item couriers should still help you with loading and unloading but might not have the same level of experience in handling specific furniture.

Self-service: You can opt to hire a van yourself and complete the entire job yourself. This obviously involves the most work, but is also the cheapest option. Your furniture won’t be covered by your contents insurance however so this might be risky if you have a lot of valuable furniture or aren’t 100% confident in your skills.

If you go for either of the first two options you’ll want to compare services to make sure that firstly, you’re getting a quality service and secondly, that you’re also getting good value.

When you have all the details of your furniture removal sorted, including locations and a flexible timeframe, you need to find an adequate firm to help you move your stuff.

This is where we come in: we can help you find furniture mover reviews as well as help you get quotes from a range of services.

If you list your furniture and moving requirements on Shiply, our network of furniture transport providers will be able to contact you with a quote for completing your move. You will also be able to see what others think of different transport services via our feedback score system.

When you’ve received some quotes for your furniture move you’ll be able to accept your preferred one.

Completing your move

When your furniture arrives at its destination make sure you perform checks to see that nothing has been damaged in transit. It’s important to raise any issues that you have with the moving company as soon as possible.

Depending on your agreement with the transporting service they may or may not stay around to help you unload and move the furniture into its new location. If they do, help out if you can and maybe find out some helpful tips for moving in the future.

If you’re unloading furniture yourself remember to use padding on floors when you need to put things down or pivot large items that are too difficult to carry. And when you do pick up large items, lift with your legs!