Prepare For Your Move To Canada

The number of British citizens relocating from the UK to Canada is growing and there are many fantastic reasons for people to relocate. The extreme climate in Canada makes it the perfect destination for ski enthusiasts, whilst the big cities provide great opportunities for career advancement. Of course, there are many considerations when preparing to move to Canada and it certainly isn’t an easy task but we believe that the benefits far outweigh the initial effort. The aim of this article is to provide you with some key considerations as you plan your relocation to Canada:

Visas and Work Permits

In order to permanently relocate to Canada you need to apply for a visa and there are several ways to do this. The first way to apply is through a family tie, in order to apply for this type of visa you must have a family member already established in Canada and registered as a permanent citizen. The second popular way to receive a Canadian visa is to apply for a working visa. If you hold an in demand qualification then you may be able to relocate to the country through a skilled-worker permit. Different skills are indemand at different times and it’s worth checking with the Canadian authorities to see if you have the potential to receive this type of visa.

Finding a New Home

One major consideration when planning your relocation to Canada is your new home. Will you rent or buy? Most families who relocate choose to rent a property because this allows them to really get a feel for the neighbourhood before making the full investment and purchasing a house. Before settling on your new home it’s important to do your research. The price range to rent in Canada will differ to the range currently set in the UK. Do some ‘comparison shopping’ to ensure that the property you select will be in the desired condition before you make your final decision.

Removals to Canada

There are several methods available for you to move your belongings to Canada. If you have a lot of property that you are looking to ship the best idea is to hire a full container that will be wholly available for your belongings. Your shipping agent can help you to secure this and typical shipping containers come in either twenty or forty feet lengths. If you don’t have enough belongings to fill your own container many shipping agents will allow you to share a container with other customers. This method is more cost-effective because you split the cost with other relocators. However, this method will take longer because you will need to wait for a suitable associate.

Registered Shipping Company

There are several Global Shipping Trading Bodies and we recommend that you select a shipping company who is registered with at least one authorised trading body. This will provide you with an extra layer of security should anything go wrong with your shipment. By selecting a registered company you can also rest assured that the shipment carrier will hold any required legal licences.

Customer Service

If this is the first time that you are relocating abroad then look for a shipping company who provide experienced account handlers. It really makes a difference to know that there is someone available to answer your questions and manage the shipping process. Whilst settling on a shipping company, it’s a good idea to check that they have a registered business address and a single point of contact to manage your account.


Just as you insure your belongings whilst they are in your home, you should insure your belongings whilst they are being transported. All reputable shipping agents will provide belongings cover and they should provide a number of insurance options for you to select. The level of insurance that you need will greatly depend on the value of your belongings, some shipping agents will provide you with a ‘total value cover’ whilst others will provide an ‘itemised cover.’ It’s worth considering both options to check which one is best for you.


Relocating abroad is never a quick process and removals to Canada are no exception. Each shipping company will have their own transit timescales and the time that they offer you will depend on your choice of shipment container. If you hire your own container then your shipment may reach Canada within one month whilst shared containers can take over three months to complete. Large shipping organisations will have regular slots on transit carriers and should be able to provide you with an anticipated timeline.

Packing Service

Hiring a professional packing service will increase the short term costs but we find that your long term expenses are likely to be reduced because the service will guarantee that your belongings stay safe throughout the transit process. Most shipping companies will be able to provide you with a personal expert packing service.

Reviews and References

You should always follow your intuitions when selecting a shipping company. Most reputable companies will present positive customer reviews on their website and if you feel hesitant about a particular company then you should ask them to supply a reference.

When you arrive in Canada you will be required to present a number of documents to the border officials, including your passport and visa. You should have an itemised list of furniture and household items that you hold in your luggage, as well as a list of all items that are being transported separately. Your shipping agent will help you to compile this document. The shipping agent will also be able to provide advice on completing a Customs Declaration Card. The Customs Declaration Card should contain details of any money that you are bringing into the country as well as any items that you need to pay duty on.

After you have cleared Customs it’s time to settle in your new home! Your shipping company will contact you when your removals shipment arrives in the country to arrange a delivery date. On this day you should set some time aside to check through your belongings. Your shipping agent will help you with your unpacking and they should also remove any packaging debris. If you notice that any of your items are missingor damaged, you should contact the shipping company at the first available opportunity to report the issues.

The removals to Canada process isn’t a quick or easy one, but we hope that this guide will help to smooth out the procedure so that you have a successful move. If your chosen shipping agent provides a great service thenwe recommend that you leave them a positive review because this will help future relocators to have a successful move.