Prepare For Your Transport To Spain

Moving items, especially large bulky parcels or personal effects from one part of the country to the other can be daunting, but when you are shipping goods and property across Europe to Spain, then there are a few points that need to be considered. This is especially important in the planning and preparation stage, so it is worth making a checklist and then work through it prior to placing an order with an transport provider.

First of all is the decision about what type of company to choose for transporting your goods. This will depend on the size, type, amount and nature of the items to be moved. This may be a regular delivery or a one off, for example, moving lock, stock and barrel to Spain to live or simply sending items to friends, family or business customers from the UK.

For smaller household items that can be delicate such as crockery, glassware or other goods that require special handling such as electronic items, sensitive and highly confidential material, then you may wish to consider sending by courier to Spain.

If sending by bulk, or moving larger pieces of equipment, such as cars, motorbikes or pianos then a specialised transport to Spain company is going to be the best option. If you are sending perishable items, then transportation with cooling and chilling provision may be needed.

You will need to ensure you have all the details about the items you are sending abroad, which means finding out their dimensions and weight, checking that you have the correct packing and wrapping material, along with any relevant documentation that the item may require to get through Customs.

This will depend on the nature of the products you are transporting. For example, if you are moving house, not only do you want to take your personal effects but your family pets as well. Any dog or cat leaving the UK will have to have an EU Pet Passport plus a Pet Travel Scheme.

Once you have gone through your preparation checklist then you can start looking at which is the best company to use for your transport to Spain. If you are aiming for one move of large bulky items, then you will need to know roughly the volume of transport space this will take up in order to get a quote on the cost. Going online and searching for transport companies that have an online volume calculator will save you a lot of hard work.

Have a browse through the various websites and check to see if they have a customer review section. Looking at the feedback from other users will give you an indication of whether these are a reliable firm or not. If they have set out additional information for you to consider, such as links to Customs and Excise sites, or listed clearly what they will or will not carry, then this also demonstrates a good quality organisation who have really researched the service they offer on your behalf.

Check to see if they offer a packing service, if they provide packaging material or if this is something that is additional that you need to organise. If you are moving animals check to see if they have specially adapted transit vans or arrangements with airline companies.

There are also a number of consumer sites and publications that will rate transport services and courier to Spain, and can be accessed online. These usually give an independent review of not only price, but also efficiency of delivery.

You also need to look at whether the company offers a pickup service and note any disclaimers in the small print that could affect your delivery. Find out if they have a 24/7 customer help line and tracking service as well.

Finally, once you have decided on the best company to use for transport to Spain, or chosen the right courier to Spain service that suits your needs, then you want to ensure that the transport you have organised is completed successfully. This will start by ensuring that if packaging the item yourself, you have made sure it is wrapped securely and used the appropriate materials.

Some transportation services provide their own boxes for larger pieces of equipment, but you can also buy or hire packing cases. Bubble wrap to protect contents inside the external packaging or polystyrene moulded foam pieces can hold delicate items in place. If the packing is being carried out by the transport service, then arrange for someone to check the goods prior to being wrapped, so that any cracks or damage that occurs upon transport should be covered by the company insurance and not yours.

Most courier services will expect not to have to carry heavy items down stairs, so upon collection it is up to you to arrange the appropriate access to the parcel. You may also need to ensure that someone is available to sign to confirm the item has been collected. If there are additional documents that need to go with the product being transported, for insurance purposes or customs requirements, then these may need to be securely fastened to the packaging, or signed for by the courier to take with them. Putting a return address and contact details on all items being moved is very important plus you need to ensure you have the correct delivery address marked clearly on the outside of the package.

If the item is being delivered out of hours, then contact mobile numbers need to be included for the delivery company. Make sure that you have arranged prompt payment for the service, as this could delay the delivery of your goods, keep a note of any tracking numbers and customer service helpline details, and monitor until successfully delivered.