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How Do Shipping Bids Work?

Much in the same way that an eBay auction works, transport bidding exists in the world of shipping auctions. Delivery drivers will browse a range of freight bidding sites and shipping bidding sites trying to bid on loads to haul. Users post their shipments on these transport bidding sites in the hope of getting a good bid for shipping.

How Can Shiply Help Me Bid On Loads To Haul?

Most of the transport providers looking for shipping bidding will do so on load boards. We have a load board on our site which provides a great way to browse and bid on shipments. Our custom search function lets you view postings by state, by local, or by route, allowing you to bid on shipping loads that fit into routes you are already planning on driving.

Once you find a job you want to carry out, you should place a shipping bid and wait to see if it is accepted. Delivery bidding will continue until the user accepts a quote and you are able to resubmit your bid should someone quote a cheaper price.

Whilst most delivery bidding sites will require you to pay a sign-up fee or monthly subscription, Shiply’s has no sign-up or subscription fees, meaning you are free to browse loads to haul and a fee will be charged only on top of the price you quote when you successfully bid on and win a job.

What Sorts Of Loads Can I Find On Shiply?

There are thousands of jobs posted on Shiply, meaning you will always find something suitable for your needs. You can bid on truck loads if that’s your vehicle of choice. Or, if it’s freight bidding you are looking for then you will find many freight loads available to bid on all over the USA.

Why use us?

  • Access millions of customers

    Shiply provides you with access to millions of customers and thousands of new shipping jobs posted every day.

  • No sign up or subscription

    Signing up to Shiply is completely free and there are no subscription fees. Shiply earns its fee only when you win work and this fee is just added on top of your quoted amount.

  • Use your spare capacity

    Whether you are looking for full loads, part loads or backloads, Shiply has it all. Find jobs along similar routes you have planned, minimize wasted capacity and maximize your profits.

  • Fair marketplace

    Every shipping company on Shiply is feedback rated by its customers. Only the best shipping companies can thrive on Shiply.

Shiply Success Stories

Triple J Transport
Triple J Transport
"Shiply has enabled us to grow our business enormously. Finding new customers is always the hardest part of the job and Shiply makes this so simple."
Metro Courier
Metro Courier
"I'm always on the lookout for extra courier work and backloads. When I researched Shiply's service I was attracted by the amount of courier jobs on offer, but without the necessity of a long term commitment."
Hatchett Logistics
Hatchett Logistics
"We started using Shiply as a way to just win a bit of extra work, but it has exploded and now makes up the vast majority of our business."
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4.8/5 Rating

from 4,108 Reviews

An eBay compatible application

Shiply is an official eBay compatible application

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