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How To Move A Pool Table

Pool tables present the problem of being far too large to fit in the standard post, meaning you will need to look elsewhere to get yours moved. Given the delicate nature of the tables (both pool tables and billiards tables) we highly recommend hiring a pool table moving company, or at least general movers, who know what they are doing and have the right equipment to move a pool table. This is where Shiply can help.

No matter whether you are buying a pool table and need it delivered, selling one online, or just moving home and hoping to take it with you, you can be sure to find a pool table moving company on Shiply.

We have hundreds of shipping companies able to offer pool table moving services, often at rates up to 75% cheaper than usual, and all you need to do is fill out our simple form to get started.

How Much Does It Cost To Move A Pool Table?

There are a number of factors that can affect the price of a pool table moving company, but on average, the rates sit somewhere between $3 per mile for journeys less than 100 miles, with this dropping to around $1 per mile for longer trips.

Distance is obviously an important factor, but here are some more things that may affect the price of your pool table move:

Weight- Pool tables can vary in both size and weight. Take, for example, a billiards table. these are typically larger and heavier. You may even just have a high-end pool table, which weighs a lot as it is made from marble or something similar. Pool table moving services will generally cost more if there is extra weight or size to be moved.

Timings - Depending on when you need your pool table moved, this could affect pricing. Should you need it moved within a strict time frame, or before a certain date, then you may see quotes rise in price. This is because the driver may have to make an individual trip just for your table, rather than waiting to fill up his vehicle with other items as well, so more of the costs land on you.

Time Of Year - Whilst rare, the time of year can also affect the price of a pool table move. Icy and snowy conditions can affect certain routes or require a slower pace, both of which may end up costing you more, although this is rare.

Locations Of Pickup And Delivery - Whether or not your table is located in a remote area can also affect the price you are quoted by pool table movers. Often in urban areas, the pickup location is never too far from the delivery company, but pick-ups from remote locations may incur extra fees for the driver to get there in the first place.

How Can Shiply Help Find Pool Table Moving Companies?

So, given that there are a few different things to consider when transporting a pool table, how do you go about finding a service and booking them? Our answer is to use Shiply.

All we need from you is some simple information - where the pool table is, where it needs to get to, any extra details (e.g. this pool table is made from marble), and desired dates for delivery. Once you have submitted this information, pool table moving services will start to send you quotes for the job. You can then compare all of the quotes you receive on one simple page.

Shiply uses a rating system for its transport providers based on the experience of previous customers, allowing you to confidently pick the pool table movers you want to use. There is also a messaging system allowing you to speak to them directly to answer any questions you may have.

On Shiply, pool table movers will generally be trying to fill up empty space they have in their vehicles for journeys they are already making. This means that their prices can be up to 75% less than usual as most of the costs have already been factored in. Further, by using Shiply you will also help to reduce pollution on our roads!

Preparing For Your Pool Table To Be Moved

Once you have assessed your quotes and selected a pool table moving company to move ahead with, then you should think about preparing your table for pick up. We recommend the following:

Documents - If you are selling your pool table, or the table is going abroad, you may require some documentation. Ensure you have this ready to go before pickup.

Cleaning - Cleaning your table is always recommended as it allows you to take stock of the condition prior to pick up.

Photographs - Following on from the last one, be sure to take high-quality time-stamped pictures of your pool table before it is moved. This covers you in the unlikely event of damage during transit, proving the condition of the item before pickup.

Packing - Depending on the pool table movers you have chosen, you may have help packing upon pickup, or you may have to do it yourself. We always recommend wrapping anything valuable in bubble wrap or similar to ensure maximum protection.

What To Do After Delivery

The first thing you should do if receiving a pool table delivery is to make sure that the condition is as it was when the table was picked up. This is where the high-quality photographs can help. If you do notice any issues, take them up with your chosen pool table moving company as soon as possible.

We do ask that if you have used a pool table mover on Shiply you leave them feedback, whether good or bad. This not only allows the service to improve in the future but helps keep customers on Shiply well informed about the levels of service they can expect from the movers in the future.

Millions of people use Shiply

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Great Prices

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Shiply Cover My Area?

Yes! There are couriers using Shiply all over the country and abroad, so whether you need to move a sofa across town or send a car across Europe, we have got you covered.

Does Shiply Have Different Sized Vehicles?

There are thousands of couriers on Shiply, with a wide range of vehicle sizes capable of handling any delivery. Providing the rough dimensions (and pictures if possible) on your listing will allow the delivery company to get the right vehicle sent out to you.

Can I Call Shiply?

Shiply Support is available only on email, at

Who Will Carry Out My Delivery?

Whoever you choose! There are thousands of rated transport providers on our platform ready to make a bid to carry out your delivery. It is up to you to decide which quote to accept.

When Will I Receive A Quote?

You will typically start to receive quotes within 30 minutes. If you are worried about the lack of quotes, try adding some more detail to your listing as transport providers may be unsure of dimensions or weight and feel unable to provide an accurate quote. If your delivery is urgent, you can try our 'featured delivery' feature which moves your listing to the top of the search page for couriers.

How Many Quotes Will I Receive?

Whilst there is no guarantee of quotes, 98% of our listings receive at least 3 quotes, so you are likely to find someone who can undertake the delivery of your items.

Does Shiply Provide Packing Materials?

f your item requires packing materials or extra care then you should make sure this is highlighted in your listing and discussed with any transport provider whose quote you are considering. Couriers on Shiply are able to provide all levels of service and can help pack your items, just ensure you inform them of your needs.

Will My Goods Be Tied Up Securely?

Transport providers will almost always tie up an item in the transport vehicle, as the risk of damage from moving around during transit is high. You should always confirm safety precautions and packing needs with transport providers before accepting a quote.

Can Items Be Taken Upstairs?

Yes, items can be taken upstairs if needed, and can also be assembled. Transport providers on Shiply are happy to provide these services, but you should ensure that you are mentioning these requirements in your listings as it may mean a second person is required for the move.

Can I Travel With My Goods?

The majority of transport providers on Shiply are only insured for the transportation of goods, however, some are also able to take people. If you need to travel with your goods, make sure to mention this in your listing and to highlight this to any courier who quotes on your listing.

What If I Need To Cancel My Booking?

If you have accepted a quote and paid the deposit but wish to cancel the delivery, then you should first inform your chosen transport provider that you no longer require the delivery. You should then contact us at to have your deposit refunded.

Can I Change The Address Of The Delivery?

If you have not yet accepted a quote then you are able to change the address of your listing. Note that editing details of your listing after publishing will result in active quotes being voided, so you will have to wait for new quotes to come in. If you have already accepted a quote and need to change the address, please let your transport provider know and contact us at .

How Shiply works

How Shiply Works

How Shiply Works

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    Request quotes from our 431,060 rated shipping companies.

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    Sit back and relax while your item is safely moved by your chosen shipping company.

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"Everything was perfect! Fast, easy and hassle-free process! I definitely recommend and would use them again in the future. Thank you so much!"

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