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How To Move Apartments

Relocating your apartment, or any sort of move for that matter is one of the most stressful things to do in life. Unfortunately, locating the right apartment movers for you can also be a hassle, and this is where Shiply can be of assistance.

We want to make moving as easy as possible, and to do this we have built a platform where you can compare quotes from different apartment moving companies in one place, often with prices up to 75% cheaper than usual.

How Much Does It Cost To Move Apartment?

Giving a solid price range for apartment movers is difficult due to the number of varying factors and service types which can all have an effect on the overall quote. However, you can have a look at the factors below to work out whether you can expect a cheap move or not:

Moving Company Service Type - There are a few different apartment moving services at varying prices.

The first is a self-service move. This means you only need the apartment movers to provide the vehicle to move your possessions. You pack your belongings yourself and will help load and unload the vehicle. Typically this is the cheapest option available.

A loading service move involves the service also doing the loading and unloading. This is very common for apartment movers which can involve stairs.

A white-glove moving service. This is the full service where the packing, loading, and unloading are all taken care of as well as packing materials - you just sit back and let them handle your move, they may even assemble furniture! Obviously, this is generally more expensive than the other options.

Distance - How far you need to move is going to affect price, with international and longer distances generally being more expensive, although price-per-mile will come down for longer routes. The locations of pick up and delivery can also come into play here.

Apartment Size - How many possessions you have will determine the size of the vehicle needed and how many pairs of hands are required, both of which will factor into the price if the requirements are large.

Time Of Year - Depending on the time of year, certain routes may be unavailable to your driver due to snow or ice. This can mean that alternative, longer routes are required and as stated above, longer distances will cost more.

How Can Shiply Help Find Apartment Moving Companies?

As you can see there are a variety of considerations to be made when moving apartments, and this is where Shiply can help. All we need from you is the location of pickup, the delivery location, and how much stuff you need to move. You will then begin to receive quotes from rated apartment movers in minutes and allowing you to compare them in one place.

Shiply has useful ratings and feedback on each apartment moving company which means you can choose the one you feel you can trust. Additionally, you can message each company that has quoted you to ask any further questions you may have about things such as service types, vehicle sizes, and packing.

Quotes on Shiply are sometimes up to 75% less than standard rates because drivers are going there anyway and are looking to fill up empty spaces in their vehicles. This also reduces the number of unnecessary vehicles on the roads.

Preparing For Your Apartment Move

Once you have decided on a quote to move forward with, you should begin to prepare for your apartment movers to turn up. How much you need to do will depend on the specifics of your move, but we recommend these steps:

Let People Know - Remember to inform people of your move, whether it is friends and family or your bank and the postal service, they need to know that you will be moving and to have your new address.

Cleaning - Moving apartments can be a great excuse to go through, clean, and check the condition of your possessions. You can essentially treat it like a big clearout and this may have the positive effect of actually reducing the amount o things you need to move as you decide some of it is no longer needed.

Materials - If your moving service requires you to pack your items yourself then you will need tape, bubble wrap, boxes, and more to ensure your items are properly protected during your apartment move. One great tip is to ask around local shops and supermarkets for spare cardboard boxes as they often have an abundance.

Packing - When packing we highly recommend that you set aside an overnight bag with everything you need for a night or two, as moving can be tiring and you may not get on to unpacking that day. Make sure you pack room by room for easy unpacking, and also that you label everything!

What To Do After The Move

After the apartment movers have delivered your possessions we recommend doing a quick check to make sure everything looks ok. You won’t be able to check everything but any glaring errors should be obvious and you should raise these immediately.

Please leave feedback on our platform once everything is done a this helps to keep Shiply a safe place for customers.

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