When traditional shipping services are inappropriate for goods you’ve either purchased or are distributing, using a rated fragile goods transportation company is the answer.

Fragile goods can be antique ceramics, family heirlooms, anything that can be considered easily breakable or perishable or items that have such a sense of sentimentality attached to them that potential loss or damage by which normal postal systems is an unacceptable risk. Both commercial and private customers are now looking towards specialized freight companies to help them move their goods in a safe, responsible and timely way.

We’ve all bought products online that arrive badly packaged and sometimes damaged and we've all lost valuable items in the mail. It can be heart-breaking to lose jewellery left to us by a much-loved relative or frustrating when we’ve mailed a birthday gift only for it to arrive damaged. By using a fragile goods service tailored to your specific needs – whether you’re sending a vase to the next town or a refrigerator to the other side of the world - you can prevent these kinds of situations from ever happening.

Business customers will want to ensure they have a safe, reliable service so that the relationship of trust they have built with their customers isn’t jeopardized. A wide variety of businesses turn to fragile goods transport, ranging from custom-made furniture to jukeboxes to kitchen appliances. This service is also important if your goods are considered dangerous (for example fireworks and other explosive materials), meaning highly trained staff will make sure the goods are handled correctly and legally.

The most obvious ‘fragile goods’ is food. The producer and the customer demand rightly that the produce arrives fresh, undamaged and on time. The transport of the food is the vital link between ‘farm’ and ‘fork’, so specialized vehicles, such as refrigerated trucks, are used to transport all perishable goods.

Fragile goods come in all shapes and sizes and for this service, like-for-like goods are usually shipped together. For example, when transporting vehicles using roll-on roll-off shipping methods, they are grouped on the ferries by vehicle class. A company making delicate and one-off ceramics will want their product handled with exceptional care and that’s where fragile goods transport, with its ‘kid gloves’ policy and door-to-door service, shows its superiority.

As well as the physical journey of your goods, the packaging of the goods is equally important – adding an extra layer of protection and peace of mind for you. Fragile goods transport companies have painstakingly researched methods to suit all shapes, sizes and products so that everything arrives in the same condition it was sent.

Recognizing the importance of using a fragile goods service could save you frustration, heartache and loss of business. Research a trustworthy partner among specialized freight companies so that you can be assured of a successful solution for your fragile goods. Check for rigorous accounting and administration and make sure your selected courier has a wealth of experience in shipping these kinds of products. Your peace of mind is worth the time it takes to search out the best quality, cost-effective solutions.