eBay Delivery Service

eBay sellers across Canada and around the world know that one of the most time-consuming, confusing and potentially costly aspects of their business is figuring out the logistics of shipping their goods once sold. Whether you’re new to the eBay-selling scene or have been moving products for years, it always helps to learn some ways of saving money and time, thus increasing your bottom line and peace of mind.

First things first, you need a proper shipping scale to accurately weigh your product in its box before you take it to your eBay Delivery Service. A very low investment on a shipping scale could save you a lot of money in the long run, and helps you better anticipate your expenses.

Next, always remember to never overcharge for shipping. It may seem like an easy way of off-setting orders that you undercharge for, but with proper weights and measurements in place this should be a non-issue to begin with. On the other hand, be sure to charge additional fees for international orders to cover any customs expenses you encounter.

If your eBay sale is $300 or more, pay for the signature confirmation of delivery, and factor that expense into your shipping costs. Without a signature, PayPal won’t dispute the claims of a buyer that says they never received goods, and the money is immediately returned, leaving you out of pocket and out of product.

Be sure to pack your items properly, no matter how fragile they may be. You can purchase boxes and packing materials directly from your shipper, and then it’s just a matter of distributing the packing peanuts and sending it on its way! Don’t forget to leave at least 2” between the product and the inside of the box to allow for movement if the item is jolted around during delivery.

Most shippers these days utilize some form of pre-paid shipping label, and if your business is moving a lot of goods, this is definitely a time-saver. Invest in a label printer and be sure its corresponding software integrates with your shippers’; The self-adhesive labels they use make shipping a joy!

Consider buying shipping insurance even if your eBay buyer did not pay for it. Damage during shipping is always possible, and not necessarily due to the fault of the shipper. Protect your goods for those just-in-case moments that a package arrives damaged and the buyer wants their money back.

On the topic of just-in-case moments, always store tracking/shipping information for at least 45 days after you've paid for it. This will protect you in the rare event of any unscrupulous behaviour on the part of the buyer, giving you the proof that the transaction was completed successfully.

Finally, always be clear on your eBay listing the exact shipping costs a buyer should expect. There shouldn't be any unexpected charges that could lead to a lower rating for you, and an unhappy customer moving forward.