Shipping to South Africa

Shipping items internationally can often be a complicated and confusing procedure, not to mention extremely stressful. Thankfully, shipping to South Africa isn't as difficult as it used to be. This is due to the ease of the rules and regulations for international shipping to the area.

Comparing the market effectively isn't an overnight process, that's why it's essential that you allow yourself plenty of time to gather enough quotes to ensure you get the best price available. Shiply can help you to get quotes from multiple shipping companies online, with no obligation to accept any of the quotes. This allows you to receive a free estimate of the shipping costs and fees involved with shipping to South Africa.

The majority of shipping companies cover most South African cities and provinces; you are spoilt for choice, although each should be examined thoroughly to ensure a reliable service will be provided. Depending on your circumstances, there are various ways of sending your belongings abroad. Shipping via airfreight is the quickest option available, yet it is also the most expensive and not very practical for sending large and heavy items. Shipping by land or sea is a much more viable option; this is due to being able to transport a large number of items at a more reasonable price. How you send your goods abroad should depend on the following factors: size, weight, quantity and type of item.

Essentially, you should try and locate a company that has representatives within the UK and South Africa. This is to protect you from any unforeseen problems that may arise when shipping, thereforeallowing any mishaps to be dealt with in an efficient manner. Certain documentation is required for shipping cargo to South Africa, this can be in the form of permits, certificates, invoices, transport documents, and a full itinerary of shipped goods.

When sending goods abroad it's worth taking into account any items that are prohibited to be sent, as they will be disposed of when discovered, and a potential fine issued as a penalty. A professional shipping company will inform you of any prohibited items during an evaluation. Standard custom formalities ensue when the items arrive in South Africa; this can vary to some degree depending on the type of cargo, quantity and reasons for shipping, with any charges applied as necessary.

A variety of services are available for shipping to South Africa, and with so many companies offering their services to you, it can be daunting to find the perfect company to satisfy your specific needs. Therefore, there are a few things to take into consideration before finalising your choice, enabling you to protect the valuables you send, as well as the money in your pocket. There are possibly two underlying factors to consider when selecting a shipping agent; these are the price and the reliability of the company.

There’s an astonishing number of companies out there eager to offer you enticing quotes, but it can be difficult to pick the right one for you. That's why it's best to check the reliability as well as what incentives a shipping company offers before committing to their services. The following is a short list of what to expect from most reputable shipping companies:• Items are packaged securely at your residence.• Transportation of goods to the departure port/airport.• All export formalities are dealt with by the agent.• All port/airport fees at the origin and destination are included.• Transportation of goods to destination port/airport.• Destination customs clearance procedures are dealt with by the agent.• Delivery to the destination residence.• Full unpacking of goods and removal of excess packaging.

Every shipping company has its own policies, pricing structure, procedures, and methods of shipping. So, it's best to examine every detail thoroughly before committing yourself; select a professional company that meets or exceeds your expectations. Shopping around is especially encouraged as getting quotes from various agents will allow you to acquire a broad range of fees and incentives included with the service; as these vary dramatically from company to company.

Most shipping agents will come to your premises and pack the items efficiently and professionally, this is to ensure the contents are safe and secure whilst they are being transported. Make a small list of potential shipping companies which satisfy all of the criteria you require, and be sure to check their Shiply profile pages for previous user reviews and insurance details. Ensure that the shipping company is experienced and professional in nature, competitive in price, and have a high quality customer service centre.

Purchasing insurance for the goods that you ship is essential, regardless of what shipping method you choose. This is to protect you in case of accidental damage, theft, or loss of your goods whilst being transported; preparing yourself adequately will ensure the shipping process is full of success, without all the stress.

Once the items have been professionally packaged and finally on their way to South Africa, the most fatiguing and demanding part of this shipping adventure is finally over; limiting exactly what you can do after this. The amount of time it takes to transport goods abroad should be considered, with an average time-frame of 4-8 weeks to ship to this part of the world. Track and trace is available from most reputable shipping companies, and this will be issued to you along with an estimated delivery date on completion of the shipping process. With track and trace, you have the power to check up on the progress of your shipment, whilst it also notifies you of any delays or problems that may arise during the delivery process. Ensure that you have all of the required documentation ready for when the goods arrive at the destination as there can be custom duties to pay with proof also required for collection of the cargo.

Thoroughly analyse every detail of the shipping company prior to making the final decision. By utilising the information contained within this page, you will be able to successfully transport your belongings, and take confidence in choosing the most suitable company for your needs. Making the right choice will ensure your possessions are safe and secure, after all, that is the most important thing for your peace of mind.