Why Use eBay Collection And Delivery Services

eBay offers a fantastic service that is equally helpful for buyers and sellers. Put off by the prospect of a long journey and/or the need to hire a van to bring an item home, a buyer who wants an item that is for “collection only” might decide against bidding for it or buying it. This is an understandable concern as collecting the item in person could be inconvenient and possibly quite costly.

There are several reasons why the option to offer local collection only might be offered. The item might be too large or too heavy to send by post, or the item might be fragile or antique, which might make it too valuable or risky to transport. Some courier companies have strict limitations on size and weight that might mean that they are unable to help.

This is where eBay collection and delivery comes to the rescue. The buyer can ask a courier company to collect the item and bring it to their address. The inconvenience is eliminated and the cost is likely to be a lot less than the cost of a journey and possibly van hire to get the item in person. With the prospect of the buyer now being able to receive the item, they can factor that cost into the price they’re prepared to bid.

Of course, this service is good news for the seller as well, as the availability of the service makes it more likely that they will get a sale and a straightforward and easy transaction without the hassle of having to arrange a courier themselves.

eBay provides a list of couriers who are able to meet the requirements of the eBay collection and delivery service, and couriers also list their services on eBay under their local service listings. Whilst some companies might be nearer to either the seller’s location or the buyer’s, those companies might not be the most cost effective or the most suitable for a particular job.

It isn’t just about the quote though; other considerations include flexibility of delivery, whether the item is trackable or not, what radius in miles the company will deliver to, and whether or not they have insurance, and if they do, whether or not it provides sufficient cover for the item.

When it comes to quotes, it is best to obtain two or three different quotes, rather than just choosing the cheapest. Cheap does not always mean good, and the buyer won't want their item arriving late, being wrongly delivered or arriving damaged.

The companies that are listed vary enormously in size and type, from a “man with van” to national, well-known brands. It is a good idea to contact the companies to ask about their services, insurance and collection and delivery arrangements. A reputable company will be happy to answer any questions.

It is worth remembering that there is a difference between a delivery confirmation number and a tracking number. An item can be sent that is recorded at the place it is sent from but once that has happened, there is no further tracking until it is registered as having been received by the recipient. If the item is particularly valuable it should always be sent by a courier that can guarantee that its progress can be tracked every step of the way.

The eBay collection and delivery service makes it as easy as possible for the buyer to take possession of the item they have purchased, thanks to their chosen courier collecting it from the seller and bringing it to where it needs to be. In most cases, the responsibility for arranging collection of the item from the seller rests with the buyer, unless the seller has specifically offered a delivery service. Having chosen a company to use through the service, the buyer will need to contact the company to make the necessary arrangements.

Where a delivery date and/or time has been agreed with the courier, the buyer needs to be sure they are at the address it is due to be delivered to. The ease with which a re-delivery can be organised varies greatly from company to company. Some will offer a free re-delivery whereas others will make a charge. In these cases, the buyer can usually avoid the charge by collecting the item from the depot but that would defeat the purpose of having arranged the delivery in the first place.

On the day delivery has been arranged, the buyer must be able to fulfil their obligations to receive the item, or have someone else receive it on their behalf. Some companies give a delivery date but not a time; just that it will be delivered between this time and that time. Others guarantee morning or afternoon. Some allow the buyer to make alternative arrangements, where, for example, a neighbour is willing to receive the item. These things need to be considered when choosing a company.

The degree of assistance the buyer will receive in respect of moving large or heavy items will vary as well. Some would need two people to safely move them. Some companies will be able to spend longer with the buyer than others, helping them to move the item to where it is needed.

Once the item has been safely delivered, the buyer leaves feedback, which will hopefully be positive. The seller will also leave feedback, and positive feedback will help maintain the desirability of both buyer and seller when other eBayers use their ratings and feedback from others in deciding whether to trade with them.