Prepare For Your
Pet Transport

More people than ever are moving abroad, for a variety of reasons – the thrill and adventure of living in another country for a while, to be with family that live overseas or to take up that irresistible job offer that comes with a huge salary and enormous perks. Whatever the reason, for individuals or families with cherished pets at home, leaving them behind as they move overseas is just not an option. After all, dogs, cats and other kinds of domesticated animals truly are part of the family.

But while it may be relatively simple to organise travel for humans, on boats, buses, trains or planes, it's far more complicated to get your pet from A to B, and it can be incredibly expensive too, unless you have the right transport company to handle the entire process for you so you won't be saddled with all manner of fees and charges, as well as big delays and other complications.

This guide to pet transport examines the steps you can take before you make your move, for yourself and your loving pet. It starts with choosing the right transport company that will make the entire process seem effortless, from picking up your pet to dealing with all the varied and complex documentation issues, possibly also including quarantine, and getting your animal to your new home as quickly and as hassle-free as possible.

A fundamental step to take in researching pet transport firms is their experience in this area. You certainly won't want to hand over your beloved creature only to much later discover that it has been badly handled, or, much worse, mistreated, because the transport company has had no prior dealings with pet transport and their staff were basically clueless about what to do. So at the beginning, when you have what you think is a good and reliable transport firm, ask them about their experience in handling pets. If they have little or none, move on.

Next, given that you've found a firm that you believe can properly transport your pet, it's time to examine what their procedures are – how do they work and how will the entire procedure unfold? Ask them about all of this, and see what they say. Be sure to enquire about insurance in case of any kind of mishap that could cause delays or injuries or worse to your pet.

Also and equally importantly, what happens while your pet is being transported? Are they let out to roam at any time along the way, to stretch their legs, and what kind of food will they be given? Plus, if your pet has any special dietary or other requirements, will the transport company's staff be able to meet them? These are all important considerations in ensuring the wellbeing of your pet while it's being transported.

Don't forget about the fees; ask up front. It may seem obvious, but some people just don’t ask and are then shocked when they’re hit by astronomical bills. So get the price before you decide to go ahead, and if you don’t like what the transport firm is asking for, look around and get a better deal. It’s all about ensuring the health of your adorable pet.