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Moving pets and livestock

If you're moving interstate or overseas, leaving your pets behind is often just not an option. After all, dogs, cats, horses and other kinds of domesticated animals are part of the family.

But while it may be relatively simple to organise travel for humans, on boats, buses, trains or planes, it's far more complicated to get your pet from A to B. It can be incredibly expensive too.

Getting the right transport company to handle the entire process for you means you won't be saddled with unexpected fees and charges, unnecessary delays and other complications.

This guide to pet transport examines the steps you can take before you move your pet.

Dog in crate getting ready to be transported

Getting off on the right foot (or hoof, or paw)

It starts with choosing the right transport company that will make the entire process seem easy, from picking up your pet to dealing with complex documentation issues, quarantine and ensuring your pet's wellbeing in transit.

Avoiding a situation where your beloved animal has been badly handled or mistreated is paramount.

A fundamental step is to find out about potential transport companies' experience in this area.

So, at the beginning, ask your transport provider about their experience in handling pets. If they have little or none, move on.

Understanding common procedure

Next, once you've found a company that you believe can safely transport your pet, find out what their procedures are. How do they work and how will the entire process unfold?

Ask them about the experience of their staff and request testimonials from other pet owners who have used their service.

Be sure to enquire about insurance in case of any kind of mishap, delay, illness or injuries that could affect your pet in transit.

Find out what happens while your pet is being transported. Are they let out to stretch their legs at any time along the way? What kind of food will they be given and can they cater for any special dietary or medical requirements?

These are all important considerations in ensuring the wellbeing of your pet while it's away from you.

Make sure the price is right

Ask about fees and any additional costs up front. It may seem obvious, but some people just don’t ask and are then shocked when they’re hit with astronomical bills. Get the price before you decide to go ahead, and shop around for the best deal.

Making sure you find a pet moving company that will put your pet's health, safety and wellbeing first will ensure your animal arrives at its new home as quickly as possible, with minimum stress for all of you.

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