Take the Hassle Out of Furniture Removals

Whether you're a business owner planning to relocate your company offices, or a homeowner moving the family to a new house, the process of transporting your valuable furniture can seem to be a daunting and overwhelming task.

Professional furniture removalists take the stress out of your move. Hiring a professional furniture transport company means you can rest assured that all of your personal and professional belongings will be safely and securely shipped to your new property.

If you've been planning to relocate your family or business, here are some of the benefits of using a furniture removals company:

Access to tailor-made moving equipment

One of the main benefits of using furniture removalists is the fact that their business will already be equipped with all of the specific moving equipment that you may need when relocating; thereby saving you a great deal of time, money and hassle!

Furniture removalists have ready access to made-to-measure crates, plastic protection bags and cartons for packing large electrical items, furniture and mattresses. They can provide custom wrapping services and seemingly endless rolls of shock-resistant bubble wrap to protect delicate items, antiques and soft furnishings.

Efficient vehicles for the size of your load

A professional furniture transport company will come equipped with everything you could possibly need. What's more, furniture removalists will also own and operate a wide range of trucks, forklifts and dollies, so that your possessions will be carefully handled en route to their new home.

Experience and reliability

Using a furniture transport company, you can be confident that your belongings will be handled by trustworthy people who have amassed a wealth of on-the-job moving experience. They'll know how to move furniture around tight corners or up and down stairs without accidents.

Take the stress out of moving

Moving is known to be stressful, whether you're transporting your belongings a few kilometres or relocating to a different state.

It can be exhausting and frustrating trying to ensure that all the packaging has been done, everything is accounted for and your possessions will be carefully handled en route to your new home or office.

A professional furniture transport company will offer individually tailored relocation support throughout every aspect of the moving process, from helping you to pack your belongings securely to labelling your items and creating an inventory. They'll take the backache out of loading and unloading and help you place your furniture in position without incident.

Reviews and recommendations

Before you decide on a removals company, you can read recommendations and reviews from previous satisfied clients and check industry-relevant accreditations from organisations such as the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA). Other customers are the best reference you can have that the company you use will care for your belongings in a diligent, professional manner.