When you're in business, your supply chain is an important consideration. Transportation is a vital component of any business - the various shipping networks are key to ensuring that trade thrives. You need to ensure that you choose a reliable and cost effective freight provider.

There are of course many methods of transporting goods. The freight service you choose will depend on your needs, your package and of course your budget - is it time sensitive? Is it fragile? Does it need to be there next-day? Is the item heavy or oversized?

And when your freight is sensitive, fragile or delicate you need to look a little closer at network providers to ensure that you consult an expert. This is because in these instances, special handling will be required. While fragile freight shipping has cost implications, it’s more cost-effective to contact a specialist than leave it to chance and have to claim on insurance because your fragile freight hasn’t been looked after properly.

A reliable shipping provider will have protocols and procedures in place to transport your high value and fragile cargo shipments.

Shipping technology can safeguard your goods but do also ensure that the personnel involved are reliable too. You want to be sure the highest security standards have been implemented for fragile freight shipments.

On an international basis, shipping by sea can be a cost effective way of dealing with fragile freight but long lead-times are involved. If you're looking to ship something urgently there are a variety of avenues you can pursue. Sending delicate goods by air can really make the difference between outsmarting the competition - being able to get your consignment before your rivals can get you ahead of the curve.

Another consideration is how far the item needs to go. Interstate or east-west across the country? Or is it a smaller distance? On a local basis, you can of course use bicycles or motorbikes for small distances to beat congestion. This is fine for a document that needs to be signed but not for fragile freight, or larger products.

Courier and delivery logistics services need to be both cost effective and reliable, whether you're shipping from Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, or even Tasmania.

Couriers and transportation companies usually provide a wide range of vehicles to cover a variety of needs, including: bicycles for small distances to beat traffic jams; motorbikes for urgent traffic-fighting; cars, small and large vans; 7.5 tonne vehicles and even articulated trucks and road trains.

If your package is delicate or fragile, a heavy or high value load or unusual or difficult to handle you’ll need to take into consideration what’s needed. A good courier service will ensure that not only is the pick-up prompt but the delivery is on time, too.

Any professional and cost effective courier service will take into account your needs to ensure that they provide safe secure and punctual deliveries seven days a week whether you're a commercial or domestic customer.