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Prepare For Moving a Pool Table

Shifting any large piece of furniture is difficult, but if you’re talking about a 12-foot snooker table then you will need more than a simple removals company. Pool and snooker tables vary in weight up to a whopping 1,000kg, so hiring the right pool table movers to help you move them is important.

Unless you’re thinking of moving a children’s or toy pool table then you will need a lot of help. Even average sized pool tables can weigh in at 500kg so getting a strong pool table delivery team to help you move it is essential.

Before you undertake the pool table move be sure to make some preparations that will help when the time comes to load it and get it delivered.

Inspection: Be sure that the table is in good condition before you move it (if you’re buying it online get pictures and descriptions from the seller). Noting and photographing your table before the move will help you claim insurance in the unlikely event that it is damaged during transit.

Disassemble: Depending on your table you may or may not have the option of taking it to pieces before transporting it. If you have a modern commercial table, the most you might hope for is taking the legs off.

If you’re moving a traditional table then you might have the option of fully dismantling it before transit.

- Removing rails/sides: Taking off the banks and cushions of a pool table involves unscrewing them from underneath; this should allow you to freely remove the sides of the table.

- Removing the cloth: Taking off the baize from your table requires that you unpick the staples which keep it stretched out. This should be done with a specialised staple remover.

- Pockets: Removing the pockets should be fairly simple, you’ll likely only need to unscrew them (similar to how you detached the rails).

- The slate: Perhaps the most integral part of any pool or snooker table is the slate. These keep the playing surface level and can be quite heavy themselves. These are screwed onto the base but the head of the screw will be covered by wax. Simply remove the wax and remove the screws to free the slate from the base.

- Legs: Lastly you can unfasten the legs from the main body of the table, these might be attached by bolts or screws.

When transporting your snooker or pool table make sure that all the separate parts are adequately protected, wrapping pieces individually to avoid damage to wood finishes and the slate.

Pool table that will be transported

Service Type & Insurance

When you’re looking for pool table movers it’s imperative that you employ someone who’s not only good value but is experienced as well. Moving such a large piece of furniture requires both strength and a delicate touch.

Depending on how much of the job you can handle yourself, you might require different levels of service:

Full-service: Finding a pool table delivery courier to help you with deconstruction, transport and assembly is ideal if you can’t handle much of the manual labour. Finding someone who will tackle all of these steps will cost a bit more than basic transportation but can be a great time saver.

Moving and transport: The most likely service you will come across. The driver(s) will help you get your table components from their home to their destination; it’s down to you to take the table apart though. This is still helpful as the individual pieces are still bulky.

Just transit: If you can get extra hands to help you at both ends of the trip, then all you need is a man with a van to help you deliver it. This is the cheapest service but requires that your friends do the heavy lifting.

Whichever type of service you choose, you will want to ensure some basic details about the drivers before handing over your goods for transport.

Insurance: Make sure that your drivers have goods in transit insurance; this will cover your goods against damage during transit. The standard level of cover is usually £10,000, so all but the most luxury snooker tables will be covered.

Experience: Having a courier that specialises in moving pool tables isn’t essential, but having one that is used to moving larger pieces of furniture will be useful. Also, be sure that the courier/s will be fit enough to help you remove your table.

Membership: Employing a transporter that is affiliated with recognised removals or courier organisation can help you ensure that you get a high standard of service.

Local: Finding a driver who’s going the same way as your delivery will help you get a better rate. Look for transporters who are local to your pick up or drop off points.

Finalising the Delivery

No one wants to spend all day getting quotes for deliveries, but the cost of pool table delivery services can vary drastically, especially if you’re not after a specific level of service.

Phoning around and browsing the web can get you only so far, and still requires a substantial time investment if you want to receive multiple quotes. Shiply can help take some of the effort out of getting delivery quotes.

Listing your pool table on Shiply, with details of where it’s going and when will make getting delivery estimates much easier, because the quotes will come to you. Available transporters on Shiply will quote for your pool table removal, and because they’ll be competing with one another for your business, you can expect the price to be lower.

Comparing pool table movers isn’t all about price though, so on Shiply you can check the feedback that transport providers have received from other users, as well as how many successful deliveries they’ve made through our site.When you have a transporter you’re happy with, just accept the quote to get things moving forwards.

Completing the delivery

When your table arrives and is inside safely make sure everything’s accounted for, from balls to pockets, and check that there is no damage to any of the parts (especially the slate). If anything has suffered during transport take it up with the driver immediately.


Putting your table back together is much the same as its deconstruction. There are a lot of resources online to help you with this if you don’t want to pay someone to do it. Here are some key points to consider when putting your table back together.

- Build it on a table: Doing so will help you to see when things are aligned and is also easier than kneeling on the floor.

- Be methodical: Make sure you have all your tools and components laid out prior to construction.

- Be gentle: If using a power tool make sure the speed/torque setting is low so that you don’t split anything.

- Joints: Make sure that all elements of the table are flush or flat – billiards is all about precision and a wonky table won’t make for a good playing surface.

- Slate: Clean and dry the slate and make sure that there’s nothing on it, this will help avoid bumps when tacking the felt.

- Legs: When you attach the legs use a spirit level on top of the table so you can adjust each limb individually to create a perfectly level table.

Now your table is assembled all that’s left is to have a game!

Once your table has been safely delivered and assembled please leave feedback for the transporter you found through Shiply. This helps other users find the best transporters for their moves.

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