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Fed up with worrying about how to transport your watercraft? Shiply is here to assist! We're dedicated to connecting you with a cost-effective and dependable service that suits your needs. Simply create a listing on our platform and relax as transport providers send you quotes. When you find a quote that appeals to you, contact the driver, confirm the details, and await the collection of your boat. It's that simple!

The Importance of Boat Transportation

Whether you own a narrowboat, sailboat, small craft, or yacht, Shiply can assist in getting it to its destination. Perhaps you've recently purchased a new vessel and require delivery? Or maybe you need to transport your boat to a location on land? Regardless of the circumstance, Shiply can help you find a trustworthy and professional company to ship your boat at a fair price.

Opting for a specialized boat hauler will ensure your vessel is in capable hands. Boat haulage companies in the UK and internationally are well-versed in working with boats, marinas, and ports. They should provide assistance with all aspects of the transportation process.

Listing your boat transport on Shiply is a breeze. Our network of transport providers will provide you with quotes in pounds sterling or euros, depending on your location. Simply complete a form with basic information about your boat, and you'll receive complimentary quotes. Once you have several quotes, you can compare companies based on their qualifications, customer feedback, and prices.

The Cost of Boat Transport

The expense of boat transport varies based on several factors, but on average, you can anticipate paying between £100 to £260 for shorter distances and between £450 and £750 for longer trips. The average cost per mile for standard boat transport in the UK is around £1.50, but this can fluctuate based on the size of the boat.

Small boat transport is generally easier since they can often be transported by road. However, larger vessels like sailboats or narrowboats will require special attention and will likely have a higher transportation cost. A narrowboat may even necessitate specialized narrowboat movers due to its unique dimensions.

Whether the boat needs to be transported within the UK or internationally will also impact the pricing. International boat transport will be significantly more expensive and may require different companies than those in the UK that specialize in road transport.

Utilizing Shiply to Find a Boat Transporter

To create a listing on Shiply, simply complete a brief form with details about your boat, pick-up and drop-off dates, and locations. Once your listing is live, you'll begin receiving complimentary quotes from various transport providers. Some may reach out to you to better understand the required services so they can provide an accurate quote for the work.

There are two primary methods of boat transportation, and the method you choose will depend on where your boat needs to go. If your boat requires transportation in a particular way, please specify this in your Shiply listing.

  • By road – If your vessel needs to be transported within the same country, road transportation is likely the best option. If you're moving only parts of a boat or a non-starting boat, transportation by road is your only choice.

  • By sea or river – If your craft needs to be sailed port-to-port, you can hire a crew to do this. Crews should inspect your vessel, plot courses, and check shipping forecasts for you.

Once you've received some quotes, ensure you check the credentials and feedback of any skippers and crew hands. You can view this information on the transport providers' company profiles on Shiply. If you're moving a sailboat, look for RYA or MCA accredited crews.

With any type of transportation, it's crucial to check the level of experience and professional insurance coverage they offer (don't accept personal insurance). This way, you can make the most informed decision for your situation.

Don't hesitate to ask the companies any questions about the transportation process. They often have extensive experience and can provide guidance.

Finding the right boat transport service can be overwhelming if you try to compare all the prices and credentials yourself. Larger companies might charge less, while smaller family-run transporters could offer you a more personalized service.

Readying Your Boat for Transport

If your vessel is being transported by land, there are several preparation tasks to ensure a smooth transportation process. Plan as far in advance as possible to give yourself ample time to prepare and find a suitable transport service.

Boat deliveries can be carried out in various ways, but regardless, ensure your boat is prepared correctly. This will prevent any damage, leakage, or dangerous loose ends during the journey. Here are some key steps:

  • Assess the condition – Thoroughly inspect the interior and exterior of your vessel for any pre-existing damage. This way, you can determine if it sustains any damage during transit. Consider taking photos of the condition before its journey.

  • Remove valuables – Take anything valuable off your boat before it's transported, as these items will not be insured.

  • Empty the bilge, water, refuse stores, and most of the fuel – Pump out wastewater and other liquids. Empty any freshwater tanks and rubbish, disconnect fuel tanks, and remove most of the gasoline to make the boat lighter and prevent potential leakages during transport.

  • Disconnect battery and tidy cables – This precaution will help avoid draining the battery and any shortages in electronics. Despite being a waterborne vehicle, your boat might be exposed to different weather conditions when it travels on a trailer. So make sure all exposed electronics are covered and battery cables are tucked away.

  • Secure items – If they aren't traveling separately, ensure all accessories and life jackets are stowed away in lockers. Secure all doors and compartments in the galley and washrooms. Also, make sure the canopy is extra secure as it might not be built to travel at the same speeds as a trailer.

  • For sailboats – Remove all winches, rigging, etc. from the mast (also provide padding for points at which the mast will be tied down). Only remove pulpits, stanchions, and lifelines if they will make the boat too large to transport easily.

You can also consult with your boatyard for any other precautions they consider important for safe transport. If your boat is going to be sailed to its destination, arrange with the captain what preparations need to be made prior to the handover.

Once your boat is ready, all you need to do is wait for the transporter to arrive. If any changes occur that may differ from what your transport provider is expecting, make sure to contact them so they can plan accordingly.

Finalizing Your Boat's Transportation

When your vessel safely reaches its destination on the delivery date, your boat transporter should assist with the unloading or docking. They may also help with other aspects of maintenance and checks, depending on what you agreed upon. If there are any other services you need help with, specify these at the beginning when listing your required service on Shiply.

Regardless, it's important that you inspect your craft post-transit to ensure it hasn't been damaged. Ask the transporter about any discrepancies so they can be resolved promptly.

Once your boat is safely docked or secured, you can remove the tape and other securing materials, refill water tanks, reattach batteries and motors, or re-rig your sailboat so it's ready to be used again.

When you're satisfied that the transportation job is complete, please leave a review for the service you used on their Shiply company profile. Leaving feedback is extremely helpful to us as it assists other users when choosing a transport provider for their own job. It also helps transporters continuously improve their service.

Boat Transport in Sale, Greater Manchester, UK

Sale, located in Greater Manchester, UK, is a popular destination for boat owners. Many people often move their boats to and from Sale for various reasons. Perhaps they're relocating to the area and need their boat transported to a marina or boatyard in Sale. Or maybe they're selling their boat to someone in Sale and need it delivered to the new owner.

Whatever the reason, Shiply can help you find reliable boat transport services to or from Sale. Our network of transport providers includes companies that specialize in boat transport in the Greater Manchester area. They have the experience and equipment needed to safely transport your boat to its destination in Sale.

So if you need boat transport in Sale, Greater Manchester, UK, look no further than Shiply. We'll help you find the right transport provider at the right price, making your boat transport experience as smooth and stress-free as possible.


Millions of people use Shiply

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Shiply Cover My Area?

Yes! There are couriers using Shiply all over the country and abroad, so whether you need to move a sofa across town or send a car across Europe, we have got you covered.

Does Shiply Have Different Sized Vehicles?

There are thousands of couriers on Shiply, with a wide range of vehicle sizes capable of handling any delivery. Providing the rough dimensions (and pictures if possible) on your listing will allow the delivery company to get the right vehicle sent out to you.

Can I Call Shiply?

Shiply Support is available from 9am - 6pm Monday to Friday on 020 3137 2454. You can also send an email to .

Who Will Carry Out My Delivery?

Whoever you choose! There are thousands of rated transport providers on our platform ready to make a bid to carry out your delivery. It is up to you to decide which quote to accept.

When Will I Receive A Quote?

You will typically start to receive quotes within 30 minutes. If you are worried about the lack of quotes, try adding some more detail to your listing as transport providers may be unsure of dimensions or weight and feel unable to provide an accurate quote. If your delivery is urgent, you can try our 'featured delivery' feature which moves your listing to the top of the search page for couriers.

How Many Quotes Will I Receive?

Whilst there is no guarantee of quotes, 98% of our listings receive at least 3 quotes, so you are likely to find someone who can undertake the delivery of your items.

Does Shiply Provide Packing Materials?

If your item requires packing materials or extra care then you should make sure this is highlighted in your listing and discussed with any transport provider whose quote you are considering. Couriers on Shiply are able to provide all levels of service and can help pack your items, just ensure you inform them of your needs.

Will My Goods Be Tied Up Securely?

Transport providers will almost always tie up an item in the transport vehicle, as the risk of damage from moving around during transit is high. You should always confirm safety precautions and packing needs with transport providers before accepting a quote.

Can Items Be Taken Upstairs?

Yes, items can be taken upstairs if needed, and can also be assembled. Transport providers on Shiply are happy to provide these services, but you should ensure that you are mentioning these requirements in your listings as it may mean a second person is required for the move.

Can I Travel With My Goods?

The majority of transport providers on Shiply are only insured for the transportation of goods, however, some are also able to take people. If you need to travel with your goods, make sure to mention this in your listing and highlight this to any courier who quotes on your listing.

What If I Need To Cancel My Booking?

If you have accepted a quote and paid the deposit but wish to cancel the delivery, then you should first inform your chosen transport provider that you no longer require the delivery. You should then contact us at to have your deposit refunded.

Can I Change The Address Of The Delivery?

If you have not yet accepted a quote then you are able to change the address of your listing. Note that editing details of your listing after publishing will result in active quotes being voided, so you will have to wait for new quotes to come in. If you have already accepted a quote and need to change the address, please let your transport provider know and contact us at .

Do I Need To Take My Boat Anywhere?

Typically, boat transporters on Shiply will be able to pick your boat up from wherever it is located and will use special boat trailers to do so. If your journey is strictly overseas then it may be cheaper to drive to the port yourself, but boat transporters will always be able to collect your boat, wherever it is.

Can I Keep Items In My Boat During Transportation?

This will likely be up to your boat transporter's discretion, so make sure to ask! One thing to note is that the items will likely not be covered by the insurance that covers the boat, so don't leave anything in there you cannot easily replace.

How Shiply works

How Shiply Works

How Shiply Works

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    Sit back and relax while your item is safely delivered by your chosen transport provider.

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