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How Much Does An IKEA Delivery Cost?

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Does IKEA Deliver?

The internet has completely changed how we shop for furniture, with showrooms slowly becoming a thing of the past. Nowadays there are options available in every style, size, colour and price range, all browsable from the comfort of your own home (or even on the go on your mobile).

Without a doubt one the mainstays of the modern furniture market is the Swedish furniture brand IKEA, who now boast 20 giant stores across the UK including London, Birmingham and Manchester. Across the rest of the world they have some 433 stores in over 30 markets.

IKEA has made the vast majority of its money through their now-famous flat-pack furniture. The design allows almost anyone to assemble their own furniture by supplying them with all the tools they need and a set of easy to understand instructions; they make DIY fun!. The added bonus of flat-pack furniture is that it is incredibly easy to transport.

IKEA does offer a furniture delivery service which caters for deliveries both to stores and to your front door, however, their service isn’t always the greatest choice in that they cannot always guarantee next day delivery due to a myriad of factors including what stock is available and how far the stock is from your preferred delivery address.

In situations such as the above you may be better off organising a delivery with a separate furniture delivery provider. They will more than likely be used to making pickups and deliveries from such a large furniture chain as IKEA and come with the added bonus of insurance to protect your new furniture, as well as having the vehicles and manpower to be able to complete your delivery in the timeframe you require in situations where the IKEA delivery services simply cannot.

How Much Does It Cost For An IKEA Furniture Delivery Service?

Typically, an IKEA furniture delivery service from IKEA themselves will cost between £3.95 and £35, but this depends on how big the items you order are and how easy they are to post to you, as well as whether you are signed up to IKEA Family. Certain deliveries may cost even more if the item/s are of significant size or quantity but this price will always need to be confirmed before you complete the transaction.

Shiply can offer furniture delivery services from £19.

As stated before though there are some downsides to using the in-house IKEA furniture delivery service. If you desperately need a swift next day delivery then IKEA cannot be relied upon to meet the delivery time. There is also the issue of being available to accept the delivery as, although IKEA will send you a message at least 48 hours before to tell you that they will be delivering on a certain date, the timings are not as clear and often 48 hours is simply not enough time for people to arrange for someone to be in to accept the delivery.

Why Book An IKEA Furniture Delivery With A Separate Provider?

IKEA is such a large organisation that you may be asking yourself why you wouldn’t simply book a delivery through their in-house services. The reason for looking at a separate furniture delivery service to carry out the delivery of your IKEA order comes down to flexibility and safety.

In terms of flexibility, we have already established that IKEA can not always commit to certain delivery hours or next day delivery and this can make some deliveries impossible through the furniture giant. An independent transport provider, however, can work to your schedule.

Safety-wise, ensuring that your chosen transport provider is correctly insured for transporting goods (big warning signs if they aren’t) means you can be confident you won’t be left out of pocket should any damage occur during transit. Independent furniture delivery services are also often able to give that extra little bit of care and attention to your delivery to minimise the risk of damage because they will be dealing with a smaller amount of deliveries day-to-day.

Can My IKEA Delivery Service Assemble My Furniture As Well?

Many times, customers want a furniture delivery service because they are struggling for free time to pick the item up themselves, and often this means they do not have time to assemble the furniture either (or they are simply not as DIY-savvy as they would like to be). Despite IKEA making their furniture as easy to assemble as possible, you may want to request that your furniture delivery provide can also assemble the item upon arrival

The benefits of having an expert install your furniture also extend to the reduced risk of breaking the furniture whilst assembling it yourself and the risk of damaging your property should the item need to be mounted on a wall or fixed to the floor.

Their experience in flat-pack furniture and superior tools should also mean your furniture is put together swiftly and without sacrificing any quality.

You can ask your chosen transport provider if they offer this service which is often handy as you are getting both services from the same reliable company, but if they do not you may be able to find a local assembly service who can do it for a similar price.

How Can Shiply Help With Finding An Independent IKEA Furniture Delivery Service?

Shiply is a platform which allows transport providers and furniture delivery services to bid on jobs which users post, often on the basis that they are already making a similar journey and so can complete the delivery for less.

This service stretches to IKEA furniture delivery which can be carried out for as little as £19. Whilst the exact price will vary based on the size of the item, how far it needs to travel and how quickly it needs to be done, prices on Shiply are generally up to 75% cheaper than traditional quotes.

To go ahead with a delivery you simply need to post the pickup location of the IKEA store that has your furniture, the delivery address and a general description of what needs to be delivered. You will then begin to receive bids from transport providers to carry out your job.

Whilst it may be tempting to simply go for the cheapest option there are other things to consider, such as the reputation and feedback of the driver. Shiply’s platform provides written feedback and a score for each transport provider and we highly recommend that you take these into consideration when picking a driver to complete your IKEA furniture delivery.

You can also use our platform to message these drivers with specific questions you may have, such as enquiries about the safety of the goods in transit and specific times of delivery.

Once you have chosen a quote and are happy with it, accept it! When the delivery has been completed we do ask that you leave feedback for the IKEA furniture delivery driver so that other users can view this and make judgements on the provider in the future.

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