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Used 23' Inboard Outboard Boat On Trailer, Tires Are New No Problem Making It To Visalia Ca

Canton, Georgia, 30115

Visalia, California, 93292

2,321 mi

38 hours 17 mins

Item Details

User: jerr847 (0)

Date Listed: 12/04/2020 11:07

Expires: 12/18/2020 11:07

Type: Power

Keel: Other

Length: 23 ft

   On roadworthy trailer

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Joekg (49)
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Joekg (49)
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Questions From Shipping Company

Response: 12/04 at 12:08

We are right here in Stone Mountain, we can pick this up and deliver within 7 days of pick up.
Let me know when you want it done.

Response: 12/04 at 12:11

i'm paying for it today what is your rate?  

Response: 12/04 at 12:16

any time after today, he might get the bank wire today  

Response: 12/04 at 12:17

do you carry insurance on what your hauling or towing?  

Response: 12/04 at 15:43

What kind of price can you give me  

Response: 12/04 at 16:05

So sorry for the silence. I had a very busy day.  

Response: 12/04 at 13:19

how you doing, what is the spec on the unit?  

Response: 12/04 at 15:01

23long 8.6' wide i'm guessing 4500lbs  

Response: 12/04 at 16:05

Ok got it