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Vista Ca., California, 92081

Owenton, Ky, Kentucky, 40359

(Shipment preferred between: 05/01/2022 and 05/08/2022)

2,186 mi

33 hours 10 mins

Item Details

User: lkaw0 (0)

Date Listed: 03/25/2022 15:35

Expires: 04/08/2022 15:35

Length: Not provided

Width: Not provided

Height: Not provided

Weight: Not provided

   On trailer

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Questions From Shipping Company

Response: 03/25 at 15:36

is it ready to be loaded?  

Response: 03/25 at 15:54

We want it to arrive in Kentucky around May 1, it will be ready to pick up in 2 weeks  

Response: 03/25 at 15:37

Good afternoon, can you please provide the unit specs. Regards Edwin..  

Response: 03/25 at 16:06

You indicated you are looking for a price around $800. You will be emailed when this shipping company submits a new quote.  

Response: 03/28 at 13:33

sorry cant meet that price good luck  

Response: 03/25 at 15:44

Will it fit on my 12 foot trailer  

Response: 03/25 at 16:07

Yes, it’s a little less than 10 feet long  

Response: 03/26 at 11:32

Hello, I am interested in this load.. is it ready for pick up??? do you have make and model?? dimensions and weight?? how will it be loaded and unloaded??  

Response: 03/26 at 16:22

What year is the vehicle? When did you need it moved?