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San Diego, California, 92130

Wellington, Florida

2,610 mi

39 hours 4 mins

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User: jimh203 (0)

Date Listed: 09/17/2021 19:22

Expires: 10/01/2021 19:22

Length: Not provided

Width: Not provided

Height: Not provided

Weight: Not provided

   On trailer

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+1 Message(s)
Questions From Shipping Company

Response: 09/20 at 07:29

Hello, what model vehicle is this?  

Response: 09/20 at 14:32

Hello there, hope you are doing great! Is there any chance you can provide the dimensions of the Truck or make&model so I can offer a fair quote to you to move this? I will be more than glad to help you out with it. We offer experience, and transparency in all our hauling. Responsibility Guaranteed. Could you help me out with it, please? MLE  

Response: 09/21 at 19:48

Good Evening,

CAn this be driven all the way? does it have tags and insurance ?