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Fishing Boat

Whitehaven, Cumbria, United Kingdom

Sunderland, Tyne And Wear, United Kingdom

113 mi

2 hours 35 mins

Item Details

User: char11833 (5)

Date Listed: 10/22/2021 19:11

Expires: 11/11/2021 05:41

Type: Power

Keel: Fin

Length: 9 ft

   On roadworthy trailer

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Questions From Shipping Company

Response: 10/23 at 03:28

How heavy? How wide? How high? Or do you know the builder and model name?

Response: 10/23 at 05:15

The weight is about 11 tons, the width is 4 meters also I’m trying to decide to take it to Poland or Vigo Spain, basically trying to get it to either location to get it on a bigger boat. So if possible to have your cost for both location. Thanks  

Response: 10/23 at 05:17

She can't be shipped without knowing the overall transport height. Are you the owner?  

Response: 10/23 at 05:20

Height would be 4.2 once we remove some things, yes I’m the owner.