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30 Boxes

Oakland, California, 94605

Norman, Oklahoma, 73069

(Shipment preferred between: 09/14/2021 and 09/28/2021)

1,626 mi

25 hours 12 mins

Item Details

User: hcep1 (0)

Date Listed: 09/14/2021 16:25

Expires: 10/01/2021 18:10

Description: 30 Boxes

Length: Not provided

Width: Not provided

Height: Not provided

Weight: Not provided

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Questions From Shipping Company

Response: 09/14 at 20:44

Are you able to palletize the boxes for a cheaper rate? Can you provide the weight and dimensions?  

Response: 09/16 at 16:51

no i am not able to ... i allso have some larger items, that are not boxed ... eg white board, tv and some tools as well and something the size of a fridge ... the boxes are assorted 24x16x19 ... large plastic totes ... i am moving my 1 bedroom without moving the furniture ... the longest item (some 5 aluminium bars) are 8' long ... i don't know about the weight ... but some have equivalent of books ... thanks in advance  

Response: 09/17 at 06:48

i could ... i just need to find pallets .... will you come with a pallet jack to help with loading.  

Response: 09/17 at 08:42

Yes we can quote this with a liftgate and pallet jack. In order to quote accurately what will be the pallet count and weight of your shipment? An estimate will be fine for quoting purposes.  

Response: 09/17 at 13:39

thank you so very much .. i am really gratefu shippingdirectl .... i have to move at the end of the month and i am stress a little. ... so i am going to pick 10 pallets, i think these should contain everything ... i am not good at estimating weight ... but say 2000lbs. a liftgate and pallet will make it feasible ... thank you once again.