Unassembled Dining Table (four Legs And Table Top)

Feltham, Middlesex, TW14

Exeter, Devon, EX1

Between 09/11/2018 and 23/11/2018

160 mi

2 hours 36 mins

Item Details

User: benj723 (5)

Date Listed: 09/11/2018 10:47

Expires: 19/11/2018 10:47

Description: Unassembled Dining Table (four Legs And Table Top)

Length: 1.25m

Width: 0.85m

Height: Not provided

Weight: Not provided

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Questions From Transport Providers

Response: 09/11 at 11:13


We are going to the delivery direction between Mon-Fri next week so we can collect and deliver if it fits your time frame.


Please note that we may asked few questions before placing a bid/offer to make sure that my self and you the cus