Single Divan Bed, Ikea Wardrobe (PAX 3 Parts), Drawers, Bedside Cabinet, 2nd Bedside Cabinet

Blackburn, Lancashire, BB6

Whalley, Lancashire, BB7

(Delivery preferred between: 13/12/2018 and 20/12/2018)

5 mi

7 mins

Item Details

User: lisa7133 (0)

Date Listed: 07/12/2018 07:19

Expires: 17/12/2018 07:19

Item 1

Description: Single divan bed

Length: 190m

Width: 90m

Height: 60m

Weight: Not provided

Item 2

Description: Ikea wardrobe (PAX 3 parts)

Length: 250m

Width: 60m

Height: 201m

Weight: Not provided

Item 3

Description: Drawers

Length: 1.08m

Width: 0.50m

Height: 0.96m

Weight: Not provided

Item 4

Description: Bedside cabinet

Length: 0.54m

Width: 0.38m

Height: 0.66m

Weight: Not provided

Total Number of Items To Move: 5

Total Weight: 0kg

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Questions From Transport Providers

Response: 07/12 at 07:51

hi do you have a date you require your job doing?
do you require 2 man service or is there someone to assist me with loading/unloading?
regards Sean

Response: 07/12 at 08:00

Hi, date would be after carpet fitter who is due next week but before the 20th December. Can be quite flexible once I have a time from carpet fitter. I think you will need someone to assist with the bed and chest of drawers due to size rather than weight. The wardrobes can be partly dismantled as they are Ikea.  

Response: 07/12 at 08:27

Ok thanks