Prakti Stove

Swansea, Wales, SA4

Sutton, Surrey, SM3

197 mi

3 hours 4 mins

Item Details

User: pete16301 (1)

Date Listed: 07/12/2018 08:11

Expires: 26/12/2018 08:00

Description: Prakti Stove

Length: 0.53m

Width: 0.26m

Height: 0.32m

Weight: 9kg


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Questions From Transport Providers

Response: 09/12 at 05:37

Hi pick up 21 December and deliver same day. Thank you  

Response: 09/12 at 09:14

Hello, thanks for your reply but I have decided not to bid on the stove.  

Response: 09/12 at 10:45

Ok thanks