Flat Packed Table Boxed, Bench For Above Table Boxed

Trelogan, Clwyd, CH8

Exeter, Devon, EX2

Between 13/10/2017 and 27/10/2017

269 mi

4 hours 29 mins

Item Details

User: info28315 (1)

Date Listed: 13/10/2017 11:33

Expires: 23/10/2017 11:33

Item 1

Description: Flat packed table boxed

Length: 1.70m

Width: 0.95m

Height: 0.20m

Weight: 50kg

Item 2

Description: Bench for above table boxed

Length: 1.50m

Width: 0.50m

Height: 0.40m

Weight: 30kg

Total Number of Items To Move: 2

Total Weight: 80kg

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