Ercol Display Cabinet Separated Into To 2

Romney Marsh, TN29

Plymouth, Devon, PL6

278 mi

4 hours 16 mins

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User: l3337 (0)

Date Listed: 07/12/2018 07:41

Expires: 17/12/2018 07:41

Description: Ercol Display Cabinet Separated Into To 2

Length: Not provided

Width: Not provided

Height: Not provided

Weight: Not provided

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Questions From Transport Providers

Response: 07/12 at 20:15

Hello I’m Plymouth based .
Going to and from London this weekend Sunday is best .
What I do is once you except our bid Shipley give out all contact details I can then ring both delivery and collection to arrange times to suit all .
Look forward to your reply regards m and v

Response: 07/12 at 20:17

Is there any way we can talk by phone and what is your price please. Thanks lee  

Response: 07/12 at 20:37

Can you confirm a quote please.  

Response: 07/12 at 20:38

There is no way that can be done .
This is due to Shipley rules as once you except a bid you pay a small deposit to Shipley and that is there commission once this is done they give out both sets of contact details .
Regards m and v

Response: 07/12 at 20:39

Price wise you would be looking at around one hundred  

Response: 07/12 at 20:39

Hi but I still don't have your quote. Am keen as you are in Plymouth. Keep work local...  

Response: 07/12 at 20:40

Higher than prev quoted by 20, would u be willi g to split at 90.  

Response: 07/12 at 20:41

Let me see what I can do are you in a rush for your item  

Response: 07/12 at 20:47

No rush, lady would like a pickup on Thu Sat sum or Mon. But Mon this coming week is not good.  

Response: 07/12 at 20:48

Ok leave it with me I’m sure we can get this sorted for you .
Regards m and v

Response: 07/12 at 20:50

Thank you. Good to chat to someone with sensible replies.