When choosing a car transport company you need to make sure that this service is also reliable. Below are some pointers of what you should look out for when choosing a car transport service:

- The best way to know that a service is reliable is by looking for recommendations. Start by asking close friends and family members if they have had an experience of a car transport service. If not, try ringing local car garages to ask for their opinions.

- Search online. Take to the internet and look for UK car transport services, especially those that have customer reviews on their website or on review websites.

- Pick the right car transport services for your vehicle. For example, if you have a classic or antique vehicle you will want to find car transport company that specialises in these types of transport services.

- Obtain a number of car transport quotes so that you can be sure you are getting the best deal. Also remember to ask what type of deposit is required and whether they accept cash, cheques or card payments.

- When choosing the transport company for the job make sure that you obtain proof that they are licensed and insured; you want to make sure that your vehicle is in safe hands!

Now that you have chosen the right transportation company for the job and have your car all ready and prepped to go, don’t forget these tips in order to make sure that your car reaches its destination successfully:

- Before signing anything with your chosen transport company you need to read the contract through thoroughly and make sure you know your rights, in case anything should go wrong.

- Are you satisfied with the level of insurance? Makes sure you know the ins and outs of what your car is covered for during transport, including damage and missing parts etc.

- When you receive you car at the end of transport, make sure that you inspect all parts of the car – inside and out – before signing the delivery receipt. If the transport company is trying to deliver your car without letting you see it first, this could be a sign that some damage has been caused during transit.

- Take another set of pictures to compare against the ones taken prior to transport. Also remember to check the meter reading against those that you took before using the car transport service.

- Make sure to obtain the set of keys given to the car transport service and any other belongings that were given to the company along with the car.

Using a car transport service is one of the safest ways to move your vehicle over long distances. Although accidents rarely happen in transit, it is important to take precautions and document any changes made to the interior and exterior of your car, both for peace of mind and in case you may need to claim against any damage.

By following the tips above you will be able to choose the best car transport service for the job and make sure that your vehicle gets from A to B with no problems.