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Versatower p60 & yaesu g1000 dxc rotator + antennas + coax

Collection: Alston, Cumbria, CA9 3LD (Pickup between: 07/12/2012 and 15/12/2012)

Delivery: Hexham, Northumberland, NE46 4BN (Delivery between: 07/12/2012 and 15/12/2012)

Distance: Approx 25 miles

Time Scale: 46 mins

Item Details:

User: heliduster (2)

Date Listed: 07/12/2012 1:28 am

Item 1
Length: 6.1m
Width: 0.3m
Height: 0.3m
Weight: 400kg
Weight/dimensions are rough estimates.

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£179 John_13 (44)

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Quote Information

Transport Provider: John_13 (44)

Status: Declined - Exceeds price range

Quote: £179 (Fully inclusive, no extra fees or card charges)

Vehicle: Other

Time Scale: Flexible with collection & delivery dates

£180 hunting (58) +2 Message(s)

heliduster (2) wrote on 07/12 at 2:21 am

Many thanks for your prompt response but I specified participation in a part load. To haul a triangular crank up tower 25 miles for £180.00 is nonsense. Part load should promote a competitive quote as the transport is shared. Four persons can lift the tower as is or sectioned by two persons. The ideal vehicle should be fitted with a hiab or similar or the courier to supply an additional person to assist in the loading and offloading of the tower. Report

hunting (58) wrote on 07/12 at 2:03 am

My driver will have too have help at both ends ie liufted on with somesort of lifting gear i know what i am talking about because i used too install similar itgems for the television networks ie pontoc pike transmitters thats why at loading and delivery points you will have too have the correct lifting gear thanks graham ps if you do i will do job for cheap price quoted no problem Report

Quote Information

Transport Provider: hunting (58)

Status: Declined - Exceeds price range

Quote: £180 (Fully inclusive, no extra fees or card charges)

Vehicle: Van

Time Scale: Flexible with collection & delivery dates

Additional Information:

This is a specialist item that will have too go on my transit tipper van it can be laid down on the flat bed section and then tied gently down just above the roof line Report

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