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Stained glass leaded window

Collection: Moreton-in-marsh, Gloucestershire, GL56 9RF

Delivery: Londonderry, County Londonderry, BT47 6HY

Distance: Approx 403 miles

Time Scale: 9 hours 17 mins

Item Details:

User: nicolaherron (0)

Date Listed: 14/02/2012 11:16 pm

Description: stained glass window Length: 0.02m
Width: 0.01m Height: 0.02m Weight: 20kg

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Quote Amount Transport Provider Quote Info
£72 Davidcanning (23)

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Quote Information

Transport Provider: Davidcanning (23)

Status: Accepted

Quote: £72 (Fully inclusive, no extra fees or card charges)

Vehicle: Van

Time Scale: Flexible with collection & delivery dates

£155 263freddy (238)

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Quote Information

Transport Provider: 263freddy (238)

Status: Declined

Quote: £155 (Fully inclusive, no extra fees or card charges)

Vehicle: Moving Lorry

Time Scale: Flexible with collection & delivery dates

Questions From Transport Providers

Question: (15/2 at 4:35 am)

Hi Nicola, would collection Saturday 3rd March any good? We can deliver the next day. Report

Response: (15/2 at 8:50 am)

Hi david, that saturday is fine, this is an ebay item however and so i don\'t know for definite if i have bought it yet - another week i think before i\'ll know. how much would your delivery cost? thanks Nicola Report

Response: (15/2 at 9:06 am)

Hi Nicola, just waiting for a collection in London to be confirmed. If it is we can collect the window and deliver on dates I mentioned. I\'ll place a bid to give you an idea of the price. Report

Response: (17/2 at 9:37 am)

Hi david, i will accept your bid, i will let you know as soon as i know if i have secured the window, thanks a million, fingers crossed i will get it Nicola Report

Response: (17/2 at 9:46 am)

Hi Nicola, that\'s fine, obviously don\'t accept bid until your have win the window and please ensure it can be collected on Saturday 3rd March. Thanks, David. Report

Response: (21/2 at 9:01 am)

Hi David, are you based in london or northern Ireland? I\'m asking this because i have a son who is a medical student in london and he is doing a charity \"jailbreak\" to raise money for great ormond street hospital. The challenge is to get someone to take them as far from london as possible for nothing, I think so far he\'ll be lucky to get to Streatham! do you have any drivers or know of anyone who wouldn\'t mind 2 extra passengers on a journey from london this week-end. I know it\'s a long-shot, I hope you don\'t mind me asking Thanks Nicola Report

Response: (21/2 at 11:27 am)

Hi Nichola, I don\'t mind you asking at all. I\'m based in N.I. The problem is the van already has driver and helper so couldn\'t take two more, David. Report

Response: (21/2 at 7:05 pm)

Hi David, thats no problem.just thought i\'d ask, i think they\'re a bit scuppered but you never know what they\'ll sort out for themselves before saturday! thank-you i\'ll let you know about the window as soon as i do tomorrow- i\'m winning at the minute so fingers crossed! regards nicola Report

Response: (21/2 at 7:07 pm)

Good luck. Report

Response: (23/2 at 8:53 pm)

Hi Nicola, been trying to get in touch since you accepted my bid, please you check you emails. Thanks, David. Report

Response: (24/2 at 12:27 am)

Hi David. I got a weird message from the vendor to say that the window is being stored in a factory which is closed at week-ends and evenings. I\'m trying to think of a way round this m maybe she could leave it outside or I have a brother living in london who might be able to get it moved to a better place before you\'re going over., I\'ll let you know as soon as I do, Report

Response: (24/2 at 3:42 am)

Hi Nicola, that\'s fine keep me informed. I sent you an email to the address you supplied Shiply. If you don\'t mind you could communicate with me using our email addresses as ths Shiply listing as now ended. I will send you another email if you could check in case is ends up in your junk folder. If could you send me a quick reply just to let me know you\'ve got it. Thanks, David. Report

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