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Pacific carry all bicycle

Feltham, Middlesex, TW14

Stafford, Staffordshire, ST16

148 mi

Unknown duration

Item Details

User: jame7699 (2)

Date Listed: 18/12/2012 01:41 AM

Expires: 01/01/2013 07:50 PM

Length: 0.97m

Width: 0.55m

Height: 0.32m

Weight: 10kg

   On trailer

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Response: 18/12 at 01:42 AM

Hi when you looking to have this moved cheers neil . . . .  

Response: 18/12 at 01:45 AM

Unsure as yet. Waiting to hear from the seller. Although the auction is still running. We have agreed a price. Just waiting to recieve payment details. The seller has said wednesday after 4pm would be ideal.  

Response: 18/12 at 11:48 AM

That's great once bid accepted ill work with all parties to ensure completed when convenient cheers Neil  

Response: 18/12 at 02:38 PM

Thanks that sounds great. As soon as the seller gets back to me to confirm details and I have paid, I will accept your bid!  

Response: 18/12 at 02:39 PM

Thats great i look forward to hearing from you cheers neil . ..