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New bosch kir18v20gb integrated fridge

Stockport, cheshire, SK7

Rotherham, South Yorkshire, S60

43 mi

Unknown duration

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User: full129 (1)

Date Listed: 11/11/2012 09:32 PM

Expires: 23/11/2012 09:32 PM

Description: New bosch kir18v20gb integrated fridge

Length: 542m

Width: 541m

Height: 874m

Weight: 13kg

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Questions From Transport Providers

Response: 12/11 at 11:24 AM

Hi there, i can collect this and deliver first thing saturday morning 17th nov, £35 cash on delivery. please let me know soon if this helps you. Thanks Russ.  

Response: 18/11 at 02:29 PM

Hi - can collect fridge on Friday 23 Nov after 4.30pm & deliver over weekend..... Thanks Tim  

Response: 18/11 at 08:46 PM

Will contact collection point now to see if ok with them and respond back asap. If so, will be possible to deliver late Sat eve on 24th November or Sunday 25th November. Many thanks.  

Response: 18/11 at 09:09 PM

Hi - can deliver Sunday 25 Nov....
Thanks Tim

Response: 18/11 at 11:11 PM

Sunday is fine for delivery. Just waiting on confirmation from seller Fri evening is ok to collect. Will advise you as soon as I hear. many thanks.  

Response: 19/11 at 10:40 PM

Hi. Not heard back from seller as yet. will make contact with seller again tomorrow. Please pencil in collection friday and delivery sunday. would appreciate it.  

Response: 19/11 at 11:48 PM

Will provide contact details and house no of seller asap.  

Response: 20/11 at 09:00 AM

Don't worry - as long as we get details by Thursday night the collection can be made....
Thanks Tim

Response: 21/11 at 08:26 PM

Hi Sellers details are:-House no 24 Postcode sk7 5ng