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Petrol To Hit 125p A Litre: Protests Push Up Prices

- 21st October 2010


FUEL prices are heading for “dangerous” levels thanks to soaring oil prices, tax and blockades in France.
Motorists face paying an all-time high of £1.25 a litre for unleaded fuel in the next few weeks.
And City analysts fear there is worse to come in the New Year when they predict the increase in fuel prices will tip the country back into recession.
Robert Matthams, of deliveries website, said: “These increases are dangerous.
“They are driving business into a downward spiral and there is no sign of it getting any better.
“Filling up a lorry with diesel now costs around £300 – and that cost is being passed on to customers. We are already seeing a 5% rise in delivery costs.”
Unleaded petrol has gone up by 2p in the last two weeks, pushing the national average up to 117.8p, because hauliers in France are protesting about rising diesel prices.
One blockade in Marseille forced French petrol retailers to buy overseas, which pushed up the price of unleaded for north-west Europe by over 13%.
Prices reached £1.21 a litre in May due to a combination of a weakened pound and rising oil prices but the French protests could see that record broken.
RAC spokesman Adrian Tink said: “It looks likely the price will break through its record again in the next few weeks.
“The last peak was because of the low pound. Now we have rising oil prices and winter is approaching.”